More flowers

I took some pictures this morning before the sun got too hot and the Morning Glories closed up. The white speckling on the petals is pollen—I missed the bee. The photos come up well in this huge format.




Morning glories and hollyhocks


Pommier d’amour

Mex cherry.jpg










We bought a half a dozen different roses at the supermarket for next to nothing. None of them have been remotely like what’s described on the label, but they are all lovely.




And the fig tree that was growing too close to the house, destroyed, dug up, hacked back last year and this spring, will not give in. The shoots have produced a lot of figs so we’ll give it a reprieve, at least until the fruit is ripe.

Unwanted fig

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37 thoughts on “More flowers”

    1. When we were in Bordeaux I picked one of the fruit from a vine growing over a garden wall and planted 16 pips. every single one took root. I gave half the plants away and we ended up pulling up most of the others as they went wild, smothering everything and sending runners along the ground. I brought a tiny piece with me for old times sake and planted it by the guttering. Husband mowed over it. I found a tiny leaf left at the base and staked it. It grew a foot. Husband mowed over it again. This is what has grown from nothing since last year.

      1. We’ve just pulled a lot in our little flower bed at the bottom of the garden as they generated from our compost! Hardly any fruit, but they were waist high and creeping as well as shooting!

      2. Same here! It used to be cherry tomatoes but here we’re getting the great big Marmande tomatoes coming up. I’ve staked some of them (the ones that were in the compost around a weedy hydrangea) because they’re full of fruit. We’ve even got a melon growing on top of the septic tank 🙂

    1. The bit in front of the veranda looks pretty luxuriant mainly because most of the plants are in pots. We’re putting things in the ground slowly—it’s hard work digging.

    1. They are such a gorgeous rich colour. Came from seeds we collected in 2006 in the botanical garden in Bordeaux (don’t tell anyone). We collect the seed every year and it always makes a lovely show.

  1. I only started shooting flowers, other than randomly, the last year or so and didn’t even know for a long time the white specks were pollen, lol! Your pic of pollen on the purple flowers looks like stars at 1st twilight! 😊

    1. I’d hoped to get the bee before it left, but the time lapse on the shutter meant I missed it. Petals aren’t always smooth and shiny, are they? Bees can be messy 🙂

  2. You’ve captured the luminous light from the Morning Glories beautifully Jane! There’s something so warm and comforting about geraniums blooming in terracotta pots, makes me think I’d like to do some of those too 🙂

    1. I don’t think a garden or a window ledge is complete without a few pots of geraniums. The morning glories are really gorgeous, but they don’t flower for more than a few hours.

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