Tanka for changing light

Catching up on prompts. This tanka is for Colleen’s weekly challenge.


soft pastel colours

wash the dry dust of summer

with broad water strokes

streaked and striped with silver rain

soft as new grass green-growing

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

27 thoughts on “Tanka for changing light”

    1. Thanks Willow! I’m scribbling all the time but the internet only comes on for either a few minutes or a few hours at a time. I can’t keep up with reading before it goes off again.

      1. It’s wearisome. I’ve spent hours on the phone each time to a different person (call centre in north Africa) and they can’t do anything. It was a 50km drive to the nearest point of sale to pick up the loaned gadget and it’ll mean another 50km drive to pick up another one, then another 50km drive to hand it in when the problem’s fixed!

      2. This does not seem right to me, if it is their fault they should deliver and retrieve any loaned gadgets it’s not for you to be running around wasting your fuel, your time and wear and tear on your car! Complain loudly and bill them for your inconvenience! πŸ’œπŸ’œ

      3. Getting hold of a physical address to write to is like getting blood out of a stone! They are such slippery customers these operators. It’s a big national group, no reason at all for them to be difficult to contact, but it’s all online contact (handy when you’ve no internet) or they send links via telephone (handy when your smart phone won’t work if there’s no internet connection). The telephone technitians are in Marrocco and the flesh and blood one is responsible for half the dΓ©partement. Everything’s falling apart here. We only ever get 3G at best and the phone coverage is terrible. The countryside is falling apart, going back to nature!

      4. We there are pros and cons to that too in a way going back to nature is good. But not when you need internet. If you want to give me the the name of the company I will look it up for you and see if I can find an address or phone number this bully boys should not be allowed to get away with running rough shot over their customers!

      5. That’s sweet of you, Willow πŸ™‚ Husband got the address of their head office in Paris, the only physical address there is and contacted a consumer group about it. They said to write by registered mail and then they’d look into it, but it’s such a huge problem here. Only a handful of internet providers they have the market sewn up and they don’t want to know about rural areas. To be honest, I’m more worried about the leak in the water pipe than I am about the internet. We’re having difficulty finding a plumber who wants to get involved. It means excavating beneath the house to dig up the pipe to find out where it’s leaking. Since there’s no cellar and no foundations it means literally digging up the floors. I can’t stand this much longer…

      6. I can totally understand all that, I doubt I could cope with all of that. Is it really that hard to find a plumber. The internet providers I understand, they don’t give a shit but I would of thought the local tradesmen would be glad of the work. Unfortunately it sounds like a big job. Sending you good vibes and hoping you can get things sorted soon … I hate water problems!

      7. That’s the problem. There are three plumbers here. One’s booked up till Christmas, another doesn’t want to get involved (it’s a big job) and the third is a big outfit that does everything. We had them out before to get an estimate for putting in a new wood burner (that we we had ordered from them). They said no prob and gave a huge estimate. We got out another stove installer who took one look at the chimney and said we’d never get the pipe up there. The one we’d ordered, like all new stoves has a pipe of at least 150mm diametre. The chimney is 90mm at its widest point. We had to cancel the order for the stove and find an ancient stove with a small enough pipe that we had to have specially made because they don’t make them so narrow any more…
        Doesn’t inspire much confidence.

      8. No indeed they definitely do not appear honourable! Oh! Why do these problems always assail us at the same time. We need a magic wand! I do hope something can be sorted soon πŸ’œ

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