Haibun for a change in the air


The season is changing. The rich summer ending and memories of bitter winter ruffling feathers and fur. The trees around the house are full of songbirds again and a blackbird has made his HQ above the nail where the bird feeder will hang. A hare appears now each evening, coming closer to the house, squirrels chase beneath the oak trees where deer shelter, and in the evening, the dark is charged with owls’ cat-calls and foxes barking at the new moon.

changed air

heat gone from the gold

falling leaves

dance with birds

all finding their place

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

17 thoughts on “Haibun for a change in the air”

      1. I really can see that, have you tried throwing yourselves at the mercy of the busy plumber… Appeal to his better nature? They say always ask a busy man/ woman if you need something done.😁💜

      2. The way they usually work is you ask them to come out and do a job urgently. They have you over a barrel. You want it doing now, you pay whatever they ask. If you want an estimate first they’re not interested. No doubt even the ultra busy one would find time if he could get any price he asked. You should never go to these people desperate. They’re cold blooded robbers.

      3. Oh! I see I thought it might be more community minded where you are…. I guess they are just the same as tradesmen here, sharks and vampires.

      4. No chance. The main reason there are so many old houses crumbling away because no one will buy them is the cost of renovation. Builders and other artisans consider they ought to be earning at least four times the average hourly rate of pay, so who can afford to hire them? That doesn’t take into consideration the materials that they charge twice what you’d pay if you bought them yourself over Amazon and they have specail cheap trade rates.

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