Haibun for red kites

Internet is on this morning and autumn is settling in.



Early this morning they came soaring slow and stately, searching the ploughed field for prey, a flock of red kites. Maybe forty birds, flying low, some gliding, some dropping with ployed wings into a furrow, rising again, continuing the sweep. One perched on the woodpecker’s dead tree. The tree trembled.

Night agitation ceases

owls and foxes sleep

clear starry night covers with misty damp

and the silent beating

of broad wings.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

17 thoughts on “Haibun for red kites”

    1. It was! I thought they were egrets at first because they were so big and slow, but as they got closer, I could see what they were. Dozens of them! They carried on flying over for about the next hour, singly or in groups of five or six.

      1. I didn’t know red kites did that. We used to see a lot of black kites along the river, but they operated independently. The buzzards congregate over new mown fields but they go their separate ways afterwards. These were is a great flock all moving together.

      1. I once had a few cranes fly right by my kitchen window (I lived on the 9th floor)–just a few so close is heart-stopping. A large group–I can’t even imagine.

      2. Big birds are incredible. A heron has just glided in front of the window, like a pterodactyl. Those kites are big and powerful though, frightening in a way. There was a kestrel on the telephone wire waiting for them all to leave before it left its perch to hunt. Looked tiny compared with its big cousins.

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