Reasons to be cheerful

Small things to feel cheered by:

we got internet back this morning and the problem is apparently close to being solved;

panic over about not being able to send important docs electronically, just slipped in under the wire;

the youngest’s on-going drama of living on her own far away and finding herself locked out of things like cash flow in now in the responsible hands of our bank person;

the doctor’s secretary (who is a nutter) actually agreed to ask the doctor to renew my annual vitamin D prescription without insisting I make an appointment;

the empty nest is going to be visited for a few days by one of the fledglings;

and a magical moment—when I let Finbar out for his early morning pee, a hind and her two young ones were grazing in the meadow in front of the house.



Through morning mist hanging grey

and faintly shimmering, I

watch the meadow where a shape,

rain-blurred and russet-brown stirs

then another, then three—hind

and her twins cropping the grass,

the only sound falling rain.



Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

26 thoughts on “Reasons to be cheerful”

  1. isn’t it amazing how life works itself out in spite of what we do or do not do? lovely poem as well, and great things to be grateful for

    1. Thank you 🙂 I feel as though I’m walking a tightrope. Life goes on around me, and sometimes it’s beautiful, like the deer, or gratifying, like having a friendly and efficient bank man. But the internet went off again as soon as I posted and has just come back so the problem is still there, and the plumber who eventually did come out about the leak in the water mains is making no promises about when or if he’s going to come back and fix it. Swings and roundabouts…

    1. That woman is a lunatic. The first time I phoned she took the call, I started on my request and she interrupted, shouting out to someone in the surgery ‘That’s her, I’ve just seen her, there!” She slammed the phone down and there was the sound of chairs being chucked about, running feet and people yelling. She never came back. When I phoned back in half an hour no one answered. I got through yesterday and she was obstreperous as usual but she agreed to do it. Mad.

      1. I often wonder on the odd occasions I go to a surgery why the aggressive ladies at the counter feel they have to shout out loud the ailment of the customer so everyone in the waiting rook gets to hear what’s wrong with them. Odd ~ George

  2. I’m glad you were able to have/find some good things! I know you’ll enjoy having some fledglings back in the nest for the weekend. That secretary sounds crazy!
    So, more things in our being the same person–Wednesday morning, just before the rain, I saw a mother deer and her kids at the park–and we had to call a plumber to take care of our clogged kitchen sink drain. (Fortunately, that’s all it was.) Internet seems Ok here though. . . and fortunately daughters are fine, but there’s my mom–and the constant stress of the past few months. . .

    1. The mirror at work again! Weird, but not. Through the summer we’d seen a family of deer in the meadows but husband said the last time he saw them there was just one young one. Then the mother and the young one leapt in front of the car when he went down to the market on Wednesday so we thought the father had gone too. I don’t know why we’ve been assuming that we only ever see the same family!
      The plumbing here is surreal. We finally got a plumber to come out on Monday. He agreed that yes, there was a leak and went away again. After a lot of insisting he sent someone out yesterday to find out where the leak is. As suspected, it’s underneath the concrete veranda floor. That’s as far as we’ve got. Groovy, as the youngest would say.
      I’ve just thought of something else. If my mother had still been alive, she’d have been 86 this year. She was a painter.

      1. Oh–wow, I didn’t know your mom was an artist, too! ❤
        What will you do about the plumbing? Thankfully, these plumbers were so nice–came out here the morning we called, and left us with a thank you card saying they appreciate their customers!

      2. The coincidences are piling up, aren’t they?
        There are three plumbers here. One is booked up until Christmas, one is a wally, and the third one, the one who came out, does not much like the idea of work. If he won’t do it, husband is going to have to buy some plumbing tools (he needs a massive wrench apparently) and do it himself. The workmen here have a cartel that sets exorbitant rates and a very easy work rhythm. That’s why so many people do everything themselves, with the consequences you’d expect.

  3. Life sends us just enough to get us through the days.
    My daughter was unsuccessful at fixing the computer but we found a way to fool it for the moment. She’s considering other options.
    No deer here, but the sparrows always make me smile. (K)

    1. Sparrows are great little birds. They don’t find their way this far out of town. They prefer the bright lights.
      Got internet back mid-morning. It’s only faded out once since then so far…

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