If I had a hammer

This little ditty was inspired by the photo prompt for Crimson’s Creative Challenge. I might write a more serious story later when I feel less revolutionary.

Screen Shot 2019-10-23 at 18.08.42.png

There are walls around this garden

And a gate that’s made of spears,

There are lawns and there is order

When the poor folk disappears,

There are guards to keep the people

In the place that they know best,

And laws that give the right to those

Who’ve stood time’s sacred test.

I’d rather have a hammer

Than any jewelled crown,

And I’d use with my little hammer to

Bring those walls tumbling down.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

25 thoughts on “If I had a hammer”

  1. Am I being dim or have you switched off comments on the posts after this one? Just wanted to say, I understand your lull in energy – when several elements come together (the seasons, anniversaries) it’s sapping. We all go through times when our creativity sags and ultimately the decision to continue writing is always in your court. But I for one would be truly sad to see you stop, especially after having the privilege of reading A Crowd of Stars, of following such an emotional story to its end. Hope you’re well Jane, even through these dark days.

    1. Thanks for asking. Yes, I turned off comments. I was writing and posting like a mad thing, and it just began to seem like a monumental waste of time. I’ve written so much and can’t get any of it into print. There is so much awfulnes in the world it seems completely egocentric to get upset at failure, but there you are. I’ll get used to it.

      1. It doesn’t seem egocentric at all. You’d be a robot if it didn’t affect your it would affect anyone. It’s what we do after the fallout that counts. Being upset for a legitimate reason doesn’t mean you’re nulifying the other shit in the world. It means you’re not made of stone.

      2. It’s a question of perspective. Words are important to me, but I am not important. Knowing that, and accepting it is the way to carrying on. Not necessarily on the same road, but with the same words.

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