Night owls and cold moon

Kerfe’s owl again.

owl moon s

night is cold

full of stars and owls

hard brilliance

feather softness

bound in streamers of moonlight


night is cold

windows run wet

breath steams and streams

while the owl mocks

our shivering


owl song trembles

tremolo among the dark trees

warm notes

winged grace quavering

in the chill of starlight


moon round and pale

baleful silver

silent as owl-flight

casts a chill eye

for the night is cold

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

20 thoughts on “Night owls and cold moon”

  1. Jane! Yes it has been a while since April, I am sorry if I made you worry! Basically – life happened in a pretty big way and kept happening, and at the moment, my landlady is remodelling our bathrooms which means I’m sequestered in temporary quarters with no access to much of my stuff.

    I haven’t written anything since last poem in April. Not for lack of want, but more life and acute physical fatigue and overwork issues. I didn’t get any notifications from Blogspot that you’d posted til I looked JUST NOW! So had to come tell you, yes I am still around, I am not doing as good as I woukd like, but I am trying to hang in there ❤

    1. Hello! I was worried, it’s true. Then when you didn’t look in on the October challenge I assumed you’d moved, given up, lost your computer or something.
      Have you hung onto your cat? Moving into a temporary place is always difficult, but even more so if you have a four-legged companion in tow.
      Keep on writing when you have time to draw breath. If you don’t use it you lose it remember. I had a brief hiatus when there just seemed no point in it, but it’s impossible to stop and I ended up posting again. I just don’t join in the poetry groups any more. Can’t stand the love-ins.
      Don’t disappear again. It might seem daft, but some of us worry about people we’ve never met 🙂

      1. I’m in the spare room – thankfully not a huge move but it means I live in construction dust every day (it made me sick 2 weeks ago, still recovering).

        Kitty Mao is healthy and well! I have since collected 7 more strays I feed every night…they keep me grounded. I wanted to try October, but that was right when the construction hell started and work was going crazy, so for sanity’s sake I had to not do it.

        I appreciate being worried over ❤ Thank you! Do you have an email I could reach you through, maybe? I'm not always able to check pages on the web these days but I do have way better access to email. Please send my love to Chris Perry and Kerfe and all the poets I had such lovely conversations with. I will be better about checking in, and maybe, maybe, it will help me write again. ❤

      2. Blogger and WordPress aren’t very cooperative. My email is
        Glad about the cat. I have a friend who has also found that everywhere she looks there are stray cats that need feeding. If you go down that road of responsibility you have a big heart.
        I’ll pass on the word to Kerfe. Chris Perry I only hear from very occasionally.
        Which country do you live in btw? I have an idea it’s Malaysia but I could be way off target. Another btw I want to see a poem from you up before the end of the month, unless you have a very good excuse.

      3. Jane, yes – Malaysia it is 🙂 I dropped a note to Merrill too in case she worried.

        I will email you the poem ❤ I've got a few I want to submit to places for, but they want unpublished work so I can't post 'em up online.

        Impetus to think about, and write poetry again – somehow that just lifted my mood. You're right…can't stop, it never lets you.

      4. Merril probably did worry. We have very similar feelings about most things.
        Just seen your message. Email seems much more reliable than any of the social media links—thanks for sending it.
        You mustn’t stop writing. It’s a betrayal of something or other.

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