For dverse a spirit quadrille.


Spirit, ineffable,

in wisps of mist,

leaves driven by the rain,

wind among branches,

rustle of deer’s passing,

heat haze rising, drifting clouds,

breath of birds, of tiny shrews

shrieks in the night

(owl bravado)

smoke rising, logs sighing,

our whispered words before sleep.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

94 thoughts on “Intangible”

  1. This is a pleasant word romp, clever take on the prompt. I think that as with bear, the plural of deer is “deer”; smile.

      1. For Those Who Wish
        For Heaven After
        Death Never
        Finding it
        In an
        ALiVE NoW
        How insane We
        Are to even Hope
        To Help Half the
        World Find
        Spoon Fed
        In Lies of Dead
        i’M F in Fool True
        i Don’t Give up on Real..:)

      2. Ask what is heaven
        you hear
        butterscotch marshmallow fudgery
        turquoise sea white sand solitude
        BUT with restaurant hotel comfort
        around the corner
        an endless repeating Disneyworld
        If that is heaven
        no wonder we
        who see beauty elsewhere and everywhere
        I’ll pass.

      3. HaHa Heaven for
        Me is Nothing But
        A Naked Sand And
        Sun Spiraling Dance
        In Flow of Complexity
        Ever More Sweet Spot
        ‘Tween Boredom
        And Anxiety
        On A Tight
        Rope Heaven
        Is A Finger
        Is The
        For all
        Of who We
        Are Then
        i Sing A
        Dance of Sun
        Complete Eternally
        Now Welcoming
        Change DarK
        Thru Light
        What is is
        Now Surely
        My Heaven
        Close to
        What my
        Wife Will
        See as Hell so Far
        Away From Her
        TV Yet She still
        SMiLes Heaven
        Now A
        Best Destination
        in whatever Brings
        A Smile.. Nope.. No
        Callouses on Her Feet…
        i require DarK As Well
        So i
        Not Fly
        Away and
        Never Come Back..:)

      4. It’s called balance
        this fine edge
        between light and dark
        best seen
        on the shore
        at the point
        where the waves decide to ebb
        and give way
        to the land
        for a while…

      5. This is True i am
        A Wave Water
        And Ocean
        No Separating
        Me From In or
        Out in DarK or
        Light or Even
        i Create
        And Ha!
        Theories of
        Do Really Agree!..:)

      6. It’s A most Amazing
        Experience Riding
        Dancing Singing A
        Wave Flowing NoW on Terrestrial EartH BReaTHE
        In-Out as Shores Dance
        Sing Dreams Anew
        iMaginary Dreams
        Come To Fruition..:)

      7. Dance Sing Live so True what ‘Savages’ Did Before ‘Christians’ Slaughtered them Escaping the Queen
        Stealing The Lands of Other ‘Natives’ In all
        Their Glory of Killing
        ‘the Wrong Enemy’
        ‘Their’ Freedom
        Their Flesh
        Their Blood
        i Dance
        i Sing
        i Cry Still
        Where is Humanity…
        i Live.. Savagely… Free..:)

      8. So True ‘God’
        Is A Bonobo
        Living For
        LoVE iN
        A ‘Woodstock’
        Without Drugs
        Just Doing the Wild
        DancE SinG
        Thing For the
        One Flesh And Blood Love
        How Far Humans Fall
        Love Life..
        In Other World
        News the So-Called Human Leader of the ‘Free World’ Takes a ‘CRaP’ on the Rest of the World
        For 15 Flushes
        So He Wants to
        Hoard even more
        Of Life
        LoVE NoW
        His CRaP…
        This Gas Light
        Still Now Smells
        Great to Minion
        Ignorance Meanwhile
        Bonobos LiVE iN
        With Tools
        Of Love
        And Hairy Truths…
        A Wookiee Roar i BRinG..;)

      9. Oh Little Boy Orange
        Despair No More
        Just Because
        You Could
        Never Measure
        Up to Your Father
        Fred there is an
        Option Become
        A Real Man
        Your Bald
        Spot Finally
        Proud With
        Your True
        Of Gay Pride
        Honestly You
        Look Fabulous
        As A Catholic
        Pope under
        That Lit-up
        Bulb with Your
        GoldEN RoBeD
        Hair Glowing
        Blowing Like
        A Tornado Wind
        Unfettered when Free..
        The Rational World
        In Laugh
        If only You
        Were Still
        Just a Goofy
        Reality Show..
        And Minions
        Did not come to Rule You

      10. Face Palms Grow
        Even Taller Now
        Where I LiVE iN
        The Panhandle
        Of Florida
        Online the
        Great Escape
        To Visit the Poet
        Jane From Ireland
        Where the Catholic
        Priest my Grandfather
        Immigrated to the
        Parish of the
        State of
        At 36 only to
        Be Swept off his
        Religion With
        The Dark
        Of 17 Year-Old
        Pursuing From
        The Front
        Pew Chase
        God Yes
        Let the
        Of Nature
        Free ‘my People
        Hell Yes Heaven No..;)

      11. If there is a God
        Called Nature
        This God Dances
        At Least for the
        Gift of Porn
        Out of
        Pews As it is
        Finally a Religion
        Of Birth Control
        That Actually
        Hands on
        Save a Whale
        With Less Humans
        Save the Tusks
        Of an
        Named God
        Who ReMeMBeRS
        The Greatest Law
        Breath oF ALL..:)

      12. Why do we need a god
        when we have
        elephants and whales?
        Destroy nature
        and we destroy
        what is worth worshiping
        nothing to dance with
        nothing to dance for.

      13. It’s Simple Make
        Nature ‘God’ Worship
        It As the Love Its Worth
        This Miracle of
        Existence This
        Miracle of
        Life what
        The Human
        Fails to Remember
        The only Gift of
        At All..:)

      14. True it is of no use to Throw Pearls to Swine
        They Make Suitable Pets
        So i Dance With Them Instead the Scariest
        Idols Golden
        Calf’s are Words
        Rarified Abstract
        That Rule
        The World Away
        From Freeing Pets
        So the Dance
        Free to Be..:)

  2. All the sounds, the mist, the animals of the night….that shrew – a shriek – owl’s bravado….all happening outside as we snuggle inside, love sighing..drifting into sleep.
    I enjoyed this very much.

  3. Comment Number 88
    “Call of the Wild (God)” in reply
    to SonG of the Wild
    ReturnS AGAiN for
    Harmony Balance..:)

    “the people who mean something more than just a name”

    i Never Meet a Name. i Never Meet a Stranger Now…
    i have no idea what this means Now for People who are only
    A Name not even less than a Grain of Sand no more or less
    important than All (God) A Name is ‘Homeless’ only a Label to me.

    Perhaps that is because i am tame but i don’t ‘think’ so i believe
    it is because i could not speak until age 4 and Learned to See God
    in all of existence before Words Restricted that ability to labels and yes names…

    This Ability.. This Call of Nature That is Wild and Free and What i ‘see’ as God went
    away.. First Chained to a Desk then injected with Words and told to spit them out in rote
    without fail.. i succeeded and in turn the Call of the Wild in me went silent i became domesticated
    robotic and more machine-like than Fluid Spiraling Flow of Nature.. it took decades but eventually
    this made me ill and i almost died for i became almost totally separated from the Call of the Wild
    i ‘See’ Before 4.. Before Words took the Call of Nature.. yes God.. Yes Wild and Free Away from me…

    For You ‘See’ in the Call of the Wild there are no names there are no labels All of existence is Free no Part
    counts none counts less than any other part as Whole when one Breathes one Breathes all that is (God)…

    As i attempted to recover from the Tame of Life that almost killed me in my Backyard Forest i heard a wail a cry from underneath the shed for what one must understand is that a Feral Cat is no different than a Lion on the Savannah.. only smaller.. the Call of the Wild is no different what this Feral Being of who would be called no more than what he is a ‘Yellow Boy’ a Little Lion who had survived in the Wild his First Years of Life.. lightening fast catching
    Squirrels almost his size for survival from the day he was almost their
    size was telling me then is that he was tired exhausted could find
    nothing to eat was desperate for any morsel of food at All…

    i offered him a morsel of Food He offered me
    something much greater.. the Call of the Wild lost
    in me since age 4 when Words took that Call of Nature
    Away from me.. slowly he gained confidence in me and trust
    that i was a friend and not a foe to compete with for food.. His Thanks
    Then was only coming back more to teach me about the Call of the Wild
    Again.. i watched his every move so much different than the Tame Cats
    who have lost that wild gleam in their eyes of Free.. he gained Predictable
    Subsistence i gained something much greater.. the Feral Spirit the Spirit Animal
    Back in me to once again Dance Life Free with no Fear Now Yellow Boy (God) Lives within
    me.. Yes Free the Call
    of the Wild Again me..
    i am no
    a Human
    i am a Lion Again
    of Courage where Fear
    And Anxieties no longer Exhaust
    me where no Mountain of Love is too high to
    Climb and No Valley of Love is too Deep to Fear…
    Animals like me now only Live for We have forgotten how to die..:)

    1. Wonderful words
      so few have a Yellow Boy within
      their wild
      has drawn claws
      broken teeth
      and eyes dim
      seeing only
      dish and pot
      if only
      wild was a quality
      quoted on Wall Street….

      1. WinKs “JeSuS’ ALReadY
        Came and Went Again
        NoW As Always ‘Yellow
        Boys/Girls’ Come
        For Wild IS FREE
        NaTuRE LiveS NoW
        We Breathe This Wind
        This Spirit This
        ALiVE NoW
        We F88KinG LiVE..:)

      2. One million years
        of human life
        (ignorant of God
        doomed to Hell)
        before Jesus appeared
        for three years
        then died
        two thousand years ago…
        radio silence.
        Why so shy, God?

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