Winter morning with birds

Time for some strict syllabic poetry this morning. A cinquain sequence for Colleen’s challenge. Our first real frost and the last for a while I hope, is disappearing in a beautiful cloudless morning.



White the

winter meadow

furred stiff with frosted cold

that fell with the starlight in night’s

dark time.


Bright the

sun in cloudless

sky, sharp as ice shards, blue

as the powdered wings of blue tits



Night cold,

fading faster

than melting ice, frost-fur

bathed in golden light where birds flit,



Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

36 thoughts on “Winter morning with birds”

      1. Hmm … that’s a lof of ‘whens’ but I know exactly what you mean! 😀It’s currently that glorious mild sunshine outside so might well head out for a relaxing refreshing walk!

  1. You words paint such a vivid picture. I’m happy for you that the frost shared its beauty–and them melted away in the sunshine! 🙂 We ended up not getting any snow yesterday (though daughter in Mass. got a lot–two rounds), but we’re going to have a cold wind gusts today.

  2. Wow! You built a poem describing a “icy heaven”. 😉 This birds you used an image from i know. Last autumn one of them discovered our house. Maybe a asylum seeker. After we saw another, she/ he very slowly wandered out of the just opened door. Was a really amazing experience. 😉 Michael

      1. Oh its the same name as in German? They are very intelligent. We thought we should give her asylum, but what would be happend over winter? In spring maybe we would have a colony of them in the house.

      2. He/she wasn’t intimidated by you. The other day there was one sitting on a chair in the porch, just looked at me as I went past. Was still there when I came back. I felt like excusing myself for disturbing 🙂

      3. We will see. A little bit smell of our guest cat, and in spring the will get out very soon. 😉 Dont worry, we do not let the cat catching birds, but a short walking through is possible.

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