Flood gogyohka

Gales, rain and sirens, but not the singing kind. We’re not in the flood plain…



sirens sound again

as the river rises

and flood waters spread

we listen to the rain

and the ditches running

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

24 thoughts on “Flood gogyohka”

    1. Thanks Petru. We’re in the hills on the other bank of the Garonne not in the flood plain. It’s mainly tree plantations and farmland over there, very few houses. Our flooding comes from the rain and the rising water table. So far the stream has held it.
      Glad you’re back in the land of the virtual. No internet is like losing a limb these days.

  1. Deceptively simple and serene, your 19 words hint at more complex, darker stories … for example, while we were in NZ parts of our local town flooded and a little way upriver a lady was washed from her car and drowned. I’ve lived here 40 years and never known anything like it. And yet some prominent people are still in denial about climate change.

    1. Prominent people are rarely stupid, but they are often corrupt. Look a bit closer and you generally find that the idiocy they spout is endorsement of some corporation that just coincidentally made a donation to their bank account.

      1. The French radio which seems to have suspended its strike action for the moment had a giggle about that. They think he’s a walking comedy show but the man is a liability for the planet. Not because he is a lone wolf idiot, but because he speaks for half the population of the US, the richest, most privileged, best educated people in the world. I know, there’s education and education, but they have the money to get the best.

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