13 thoughts on “gogyohka for new growth”

    1. It’s (so I’ve read) a type of five line poem without the rigmarole of hinge words and syllable counts etc of the usual Japanese style poems. It might not be a real word at all, pure invention. I don’t know Japanese 🙂

      1. I’m adding rigmarole to my dictionary! I do agree, the noun is too pronounc-cy too be true.. more like a phonetic literal liberal transliteration of a native Tone-inflickted syllable-ismic noun.

  1. So spring is on the way! Much of it seems here with water, “shoot-speckled” sod, and the badger digging. I don’t know if a badger’s happy when it digs, but it might be happy having dug through ground no longer frozen.

    1. Winter hasn’t really happened yet. I can see bumble bees and lizards round the window and the roses haven’t stopped blooming. 80% of a badger’s diet is earthworms (despite one of my neighbours insisting that they eat chickens) so they do a lot of digging. They probably like digging.

      1. Okay, I just looked it up. According to the Buckinghamshire Badger Group, the badger eats mostly earthworms (as you say) and other things such as slugs and grubs. Maybe the occasional frog. And fruits and nuts (they are omnivorous). No chickens! They do like corn; they don’t like chickens. The chickens are fine. Sheesh.

      2. They will find you a reason to kill every damn thing around here. They kill blackbirds and thrushes, tiny songbirds, skylarks, can you believe it? How he imagines a badger goes about catching a roosting hen I have no idea.

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