Morning breaks

evening moon

Drops tremble crystal chandelier baubles

tree-hung magnify early sun Magnificat

mist creeping trailing snail blanket

of damp over spring greening grass.

Sun will come Rex tremendae with

golden promises burning with no warmth.

Here peace falls with veils of morning larks

unsinging in these fields ploughed and listless

no evening linnets laus laus but jay and crow

squabble with undertakers of magpies.

Nothing is as it seems when the gloss

is peeled back on this green and pleasant land,

dies irae in the offing, cloud-billow dark

as dungeons de profundis spewing fire

if not today then tomorrow.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

28 thoughts on “Morning breaks”

      1. O, it does make me sad to think of what’s happening to our planet and to our wildlife. Those lovely creatures, so innocent and necessary to our own survival, yet we look away.

      2. We aren’t getting any encouragement from the powers that be. The US President says the environmental problems and climate change is a hoax. I feel the same about him.

      3. Hard to say. His mansion sits on the Oceanside. It’s very sad for those places that are hit hard by climate change. Even here the forests are burning , the cities are flooding.

      4. He can buy a mansion anywhere he wants. People like him are never caught out, rarely pay for their crimes. His own country is suffering but as long as he can get in a few rounds of golf, he doesn’t care.

  1. My, this is extraordinary merging with human liturgy handled by nature’s nonhuman speakers. It is momentous (and fun) to consider liturgy–in church as well as in the field–delivered by the sun and all the birds, “jay and crow” and magpies.

    1. Magpies remind me of undertakers. I’m not sure why except for their sinister reputation. They look more like penguins from a distance. They look so elegant but they waddle when they walk.

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