Three Line Tales: Sky lights

For Sonya’s Three Line Tales prompt.

photo by Pablo García Saldaña via Unsplash



It was only when the last engine gave up the ghost, the last generator pumping out electricity to the last street light died, when the sun went down on the last cold spasm of our disconnected, unplugged world, that we saw the stars.

How many decades since anyone had seen the night sky that hung above our heads, stretching from horizon to horizon, full of glittering, silent beauty?

Our jaws dropped in awe as we wondered how we could have been so stupid to have preferred the ersatz dazzle of flashing neon, big screens and twittering artifice to this majestic skyscape, now that it was too late for wondering.



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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

9 thoughts on “Three Line Tales: Sky lights”

  1. I think this is a continuation of our discussion of seeing the stars. 🙂
    It’s true. . .but I like the comfort of electric light and technology–and being able to communicate with you across the ocean.

  2. It’s a thrilling, yes, and tragic irony to contemplate. We regain the stars at the cost of civilized means. Still, what do we want? Our mechanistic, profit-driven ways have ruined the sky for ambience as well as sky-thinking.

    1. I wonder if this virus that is stopping moronic sporting events, slowing China’s economic production, slowing the amount of junk circulating in the world, will end up bringing about the end of global capitalism. I do so hope so.

      1. That sounds good, Jane! But keep in mind that everything is now connected with everything. We will not recognize our states again either. I am thinking only of the people who would then have to go back to work on foot or by public transport. Yet they have become so accustomed to driving their own car (at their own expense and risk) to work.

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