Dedicated to KMF.


They come from the Pulpits of Ignorance,

where crisp packets blow in the empty pews,

the word scattered on stony ground

to grow into dragons’ teeth.

They reap what they sow from empty hands,

watered with arid eyes and walk

with the heavy tread of the unconquered.

What do they hear, ear-budded and booted?

They hear the roar of victory,

for cheek will inherit the earth,

the eyeless will lead the blind from Gaza

to the Florida Disney World,

and their kingdom will be the desert of instant gratification,

and their king will be called Simba of the Everlasting Hair.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

14 thoughts on “Tribute”

      1. SMiLES i had all the Parts of that Last ‘EPiC’
        Poem Scattered all Over i am Still Collecting
        the Pieces And Putting it all Together Jane…
        i Will Quote You HeaR AS i surely
        See what you See too
        And the Following
        Song about
        Your Quote
        In Visual
        And Very
        Detail in Song for what
        Modern Society is coming
        to for Now “I will forever
        see towering in the dust
        the Pulpits of Ignorance
        Where Seagulls come to Shit”
        Meanwhile i feel like going to
        THE Beach And Losing Most Human Foot PrintS heHe..
        i Will
        Do it
        Foot Free
        SPiRiT AS HeART
        oF SoUL SPRinGinG MoRE HiGHeR…:)

  1. the desert of instant gratification,

    Which is what it is. So well-said. This is an incisive (knife-like in art) indictment of those who think they get it and they have it but haven’t earned either. Worse than Ozymandias for not having learned that lesson.

    1. I’m pleased you think so. I feel as though I don’t belong to the same species sometimes. How people can be so different to one another and all pulling in different directions, or, to carry on the analogy, pulling the blanket over to their side.

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