Wind and Silence


The silence here is wind, and far away

A barking dog and someone chopping wood;

The chimney echoes cooing pigeon songs.

From distant ocean wind laps with salt spray

Like dog tongue licking. Where the poplar stood

A pile of logs lies, and a blackbird sings

A song so right among a sea of wrongs,

Of pigeons nestled under feathered wings.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

17 thoughts on “Wind and Silence”

      1. Well, it’s still pretty. I saw a tree at the park today that literally bloomed overnight! We had fog, then sun, and now it’s cloudy again, but it’s warm and the windows are open. We might get thunderstorms later.

      2. Funny how with the same temperatures, more or less, there is such a difference in flowering times.
        I meant to take some photos today but spent most of it doing administrative stuff and chatting to family. Instead of a walk I put my wellies on and walked/jogged twice around the place. It’s only three quarters of a mile. Seems daft when there is absolutely nobody about, but I’m showing solidarity.

      3. I guess it gets colder for a longer time here. We’re still allowed to go to the park, but I also jog/walk inside my house while listening to podcasts. 😂

      4. I think more things will be shutting down here soon. My husband has to bring papers to accountant for our taxes today. It makes me a bit anxious. Taxes are still supposed to be filed, even though payments can be delayed.

      5. It’s the voluntary aspect that might have to change. If it’s anything like in Europe you can’t assume people will just do what they’re asked. They’ve brought the army into Milan…

      6. There are heavy fines here for being outside without a valid document. I say heavy, €135. I heard yesterday that in the German Lander where confinement is in place the fine is €25,000 !!!!!!!!

  1. Thank goodness for your brightness! I’m sad about the poplar tree turned into logs. As for the rest, such a delightful and apt description of the best kind of silence. Absolute silence would terrify (well, it would terrify me). But silence whose texture has in it sounds of nature and distant sounds of us (at the level of chopping) is just right. It’s the reason I have gone on retreat.

    1. We need the sound of things other than ourselves if only to remind us that we aren’t alone.
      The neighbour chopped some big trees down for very spurious reasons, but he invokes the strangest reasoning when something suits him. The trees were big therefore old therefore they might blow down. Well, yes. And?

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