gogyohka for the night sky

For Colleen’s weekly challenge.


night is the veil of the sky

the happy insouciant blue

cloud-broidered and fluffed

gathered up to reveal the stars

in all their glory

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

37 thoughts on “gogyohka for the night sky”

      1. Thanks Pat. I used to dread the night when we lived in the city, the noise that never stopped, just calmed except for the party crowd, the drunks, and they made sleep very difficult. The sky was just an orange-tinted backdrop to irritation.

      2. Now it sounds like you’re in a peaceful spot where the noise is mostly from nature. I hear partying once in a while in the summer. Otherwise it quiet.

      3. I couldn’t stand the noise now. I used to be up half the night pacing about, shouting out the window, phoning the police just to let off steam. Not a recipe for a peaceful night.

      4. That was really bad. No, no peace to be had there! Thank goodness I don’t have that ( knock on wood). There seem to be some unspoken rule in my neighborhood….All noise cease by 1am. The merry making tend to start about 6ish. So that works.

      5. It was supposed to be 2am in Bordeaux but that just meant when the bars closed. Anyone who has been drinking in a bar until 2am does not go home quietly! Yep, dawn would find some of them still out there 🙂

      6. I’m glad 😉 Husband was just saying how blissful it would be where we lived now, and how we’d probably be suicidal when it all started up again!

      7. The streets are empty. The stores are really all closed! Except for supermarkets and drug stores. It’s a quiet time alright. But I agree that once it’s eased the crowd will return with a vengeance!!! And you’d probably go nuts!!😊

      8. We lived two doors from an open air restaurant/Afro Jazz club. The patrons used to bring their kids and dump them in the street to amuse themselves, tearing up the plants planted along the pavement, throwing rubbish and cans at one another, empty beer bottles, racing up and down, painting on the walls…until they feel asleep in the small hours of the morning. Sheer HELL!

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