Pictures and Poetry challenge 3

Thank you to






for joining in last week with your stories that explained the uneasy look of the child on the escalator. Apologies that once again I wasn’t able to reblog all of them.

I’ve chosen a couple of lines from Francis Ledwidge this week from his poem The Dead Kings. The Turner seems to illustrate them, or one aspect of them, to me. I’d like you to write a poem, any kind of poem, inspired by the words, the image, but also by the title of the poem and the fact that it is a war poem. Ledwidge didn’t write poems from the trenches full of mustard gas and fox holes, but full of longing for his native countryside and observations of the countryside he saw around him, even when it must have been shelled almost out of existence.


A few stars glimmered through the morn,

And down the thorn the dews were streaming.

From The Dead Kings




Hope this appeals. Looking forward so reading the results.

Forgot to add, if you join in, please leave a link to your poem in the comments by next Tuesday and I’ll try to reblog.


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33 thoughts on “Pictures and Poetry challenge 3”

      1. I’m sure Turner’s later style wasn’t appreciated by the art world here at the time, but I gather the impressionists admired him a short while after his death. It’s a wonderful thing to see an artwork in the flesh, especially one you’ve only previously seen in reproduction. So very human

      2. Even the word Impressionist was an insult originally, want it? Must have seemed a works away from the Renaissance artists so many still revered. I’d prefer Impressionism any time, myself

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