in the country of the blind

This is a reblog though it doesn’t look like it. The poet and artist is Kerfe Roig.

Kerfe’s interpretation of words and picture.


country of the blind s

how is survival?
is it away beyond?–
a lost sense of arrival,
neither here nor gone–

is it away beyond,
tethered unto itself?–
neither here nor gone,
undefined, unfelt,

tethered unto itself,
like stars fading at dawn–
undefined, unfelt,
a whispered shadow song

like stars fading at dawn–
a journey, a myth,
a whispered shadow song
of silence and death–

A journey, a myth,
a lost sense of arrival
in silence and death–
how is survival?


A pantoum for NaPoWriMo, where we consider rhymes, and Jane Dougherty’s Pictures and Poetry Challenge where she posted the Turner painting, above, and some words from the Francis Ledwidge poem The Dead Kings as inspiration.

country of the blind close up s

My painting was inspired by the Turner painting, and Ron Sexsmith provides the musical coda.


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Jane Dougherty

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14 thoughts on “in the country of the blind”

      1. Lol – Honestly, i cant understand, how its possible watching so much series, at once. Its like the soccer fans. One of them are knowing all the results, over the last decades. I can not see any sense in it.

      1. Oops! Well, I’m also reading through the WordPress Reader and sometimes that mucks up formats. In any case, I love the poem no matter who wrote it 😉

      2. I looked at how it looks on my blog and there isn’t anything at the beginning of the post (except my comment) that indicates it’s a reblog. A reblog always used to look like a reblog…

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