Wild nights, days


All day the rain, the wind all night, no moon,

And new leaves torn and shredded on the ground,

Wild colour drained from all the flowered plain,

The honey scent washed all the stream along,

Beneath the swaying bowing of the trees.

Hawthorn, blackthorn, dripping steel-bright tears,

Weave leaf-dance with the warbled, feathered sound

Of nightingales, their endless lifeblood song.

Watch the wind, if you have eyes to see,

The swirling dark of dancing birdsong hear,

Beneath the falling rain that drives us near,

The empty days that draw us all apart,

And I, I listen day and night; the moon

Will call us all home, woman, bird, too soon.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

18 thoughts on “Wild nights, days”

    1. In Bordeaux, I had a piece of wild honeysuckle I picked up along the river in a pot for years. It didn’t die, just didn’t thrive. Put the same pot down in front of the house here and it’s exploded. We’re pulling part of it up because it’s got everywhere. Smells gorgeous though.

  1. We had parallel nights, but here without the foliage. I am longing for a clear night so I can see, as well as hear, the moon calling. (K)

    1. All the leaves are out here, it’s like being at the bottom of the sea when the wind blows and the rain lashes. A clear night would be good. The nightingales would probably appreciate it too.

  2. The title caught my eye, being reminiscent of Emily Dickinson’s ”Wild Nights.”
    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the antithesis of unity and solitude you’ve built throughout the poem! The words ”Beneath the falling rain that drives us near,
    The empty days that draw us all apart…” hit close to home, especially now, during the global crisis. The sorrow unites humanity, although we are still hidden in our own separate shells…

    1. Thank you. I’ll have to look up the Emily Dickinson. I’m ashamed to say I don’t know much of her poetry. I was supposed to study her at university but skipped her classes and went to the Wallace Stevens classes instead.
      I think the jury is out on what will happen to our way of living as a group when this crisis is over. I suspect it will be business as usual until the next time.

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