A meadow full of them.


Hundreds of Pyramidal orchids






masses of Bee orchids

bee orchid1

Bee orchids2


And a few Serapias





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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

49 thoughts on “Orchids”

  1. DReAM Breathes
    FLoWeRS Play
    Color SPRinG
    Dance Away
    Strip off the
    Clothes If Ya
    Wanna Breathe…
    Meanwhile Giant
    Hornets Ripping
    Heads off
    The Ignorance
    THeiR Clothes BRinG

  2. Wow–so beautiful! Thank you for sharing.
    I think of orchids as hothouse flowers–but a whole field of wild color and loveliness is so wonderful. Do they have a scent?

    1. I’d never seen a wild orchid before either. They are lovely, strange and exotic-looking but no scent. Nor had I imagined a meadow had such a variety of flowers in it. There’s virtually no grass!

      1. I think she talked to the old couple who lived here before us. His family had been here since at least the end of the nineteenth century and the meadow has never been anything but meadow. No pesticides or herbicides, just cow manure. The Oracle and old Andrรฉ saw eye to eye.

    1. I think so. There isn’t much ancient meadow left. As soon as it gets turned into ‘garden’ all the flowers go and the bees and the insects and wildlife. It’s hard to keep up with it though and I’m not sure what we’ll do if nobody wants the hay. Let it revert to woodland I suppose, though the orchids will be lost.

      1. I bet meadows in Serbia are or at least were like this. Where I grew up there was cow pasture and that was just mucky grass because cows grazed on it all the time. They never had more than half a dozen cows here and most of the grass was for hay making not grazing.

    1. It’s lovely. Intended to be mown later for hay, but there are so few cattle kept now, getting anyone to take it away is a problem. If you don’t mow once a year, the meadow will be lost.

    1. It’s a beautiful sight. The farmers who could use hay won’t travel too far to get it. We only have about 5 acres, so it isn’t worth their while. Very few livestock farmers are left in these parts and there are more hay meadows than barns to store the hay in.

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