Gogyohka for a deluge

fire salamander

dim grey-green light

through water-grey blur

and the crooning of blackbirds

soothing the tedious drip

of broken guttering


by the pool of rainwater

murky brown with mud

a fire salamander gleams

exotic rainforest sprite

sharing the deluge with toads


awash the grass

the lane aflood

and hares race

oblivious to the downpour

the water veil of fading light

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

21 thoughts on “Gogyohka for a deluge”

    1. I’ve always wanted to see one and I missed it. I was having a lie down trying to sleep (unsuccessfully, thanks Trixie). It was just at the corner of the house where husband has started to dig a damp course now full of water (obviously given the downpour). Must like the new facilities 🙂

  1. From raindrops to a deluge. I have to wonder if “the broken guttering” is new, thanks to what is falling. The salamander is impressive. Lizards aren’t so colorful here. I’m glad the blackbirds sing and the hares run and hope all the humans are fine.

    1. All humans are fine thanks. There is actually no guttering. There are signs that there was once, but like so many small jobs, mending or replacing the guttering was one that the previous owner thought not worth the bother. We might get around to replacing it one day. Just seems rather like the orchestra on the Titanic.
      It’s an amphibian like a newt which is why its name of fire salamander is so intriguing. Where supposed sensible men like Pliny got the idea it could put out fire, or that it lived in fire is a mystery.

      1. Jewel geckos are very pretty but rare, small and only on certain plants, not likely to see them. Most NZ flora and fauna are muted in colour especially wildlife, but even flowers here are often white or pale pink with showy ones like our well-known pohutukawa or the lesser-known rata being exceptions. Australia is the land of colour, not us!

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