The Oracle gave me this poem. Then I read about the rioting in front of the White House.


Beneath a death chant is the light

a rock worn smooth by storm

shining black beauty in a dream

of sweet scented petals.


In sleep I want you with an ache

as deep as forest shadows

fiery as the music of the sun

running red with the sweat of who and what we are.


Bare words are bitter

blood is in the rose that lies beneath the skin and

you you you are

the water rushing in urgent torrents.


I am am am

the blue of the mother ship

sailing through the rain before the wind

that blows away all sorrow.


Listen to the foam whisper of the waves

watch for me in the soaring gulls

I am coming

rising with the tide.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

38 thoughts on “Justice”

    1. “I am coming

      rising with the tide.” – I just hope that’s true. Does not look like at present.
      The audacity of those who call themselves prolife and support the buffoon spewing this kind of hatred is beyond belief.

      1. But they do. Millions of them. Trump is worse than a buffoon, he’s a conspirator, but he is only voicing the opinions of the people he represents.

  1. I couldn’t read yours till I did mine, and it took a lot of work. Probably because you already used many of the same words to same something different. The Oracle always knows, doesn’t she?
    I agree that you’re brilliant. This is like a lyrical anthem, or a poetic rallying call. 😀

    1. It’s the Oracle who shows which words to pick out, they were all there.
      I hadn’t read about the White House protest, although I knew about the riots. The whole situation is baffling to outsiders. How has this been going on for so long?

      1. Yes, you’re right about the Oracle. 😀 It’s just as baffling to those of us here–not that we didn’t know there were undercurrents–but that the horror even got elected, and that no one is stopping him while he just adds fuel to the fire. . .

      2. There doesn’t seem to be a coherent opposition, no political stance, it’s all about personality and wealth. I don’t know why racial discrimination has got stuck in a time warp, but it does look as though there is no one in power who wants anything fundamental to change. I mean, Joe Biden? Is that the best on offer?

      3. I have no idea. I didn’t think you know who could possibly win, but he did. I’m scared thinking what his enablers might do to ensure that he wins again.

      4. If it was only him, if he was an aberration, and his election was rigged, there would be more reason to hope he’ll be out. But he isn’t, he reflects the views of millions. It’s worrying that their opinion of him might not change no matter how much blood he has on his hands.

  2. So much strength in these words. It’s enough, it’s too much. Justice is a word that has been waiting for a long time on these shores. (K)

    1. It’s so hard to understand how this can still be happening and for so many to think it’s the natural order of things, for a huge part of the population, present for hundreds of years, can still be so marginalised.

    1. It’s more a different attitude towards humanity we need, I think. There shouldn’t be cherry picking when it comes to prejudices. There’s no valid pecking order, they’re all wrong and hurtful.

      1. And it’s not the only injustice either. Some countries still have slavery, in others women are no more than slaves, and each and every country, people has its prejudices, discriminations and hatreds.

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