Gogyohka for a poorly cat

Trixie is twelve years old this month. We tend to forget she’s getting on a bit, she’s such a good little trooper. We took her to the vet this morning for the second time in her twelve years, because she won’t eat. It might be only a surfeit of voles or that dead bird she found and ate. She has some cat medicine to settle her digestive tract, and we have instructions to watch her carefully over the next couple of days. Crossing fingers.

Mistress of pasta


there are more important things going on

more distress and more poignant stories

but when the Mistress of Pasta is unwell

sadness seeps into the silence

the light in the sky seems a little dimmer


Trixi's back


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

86 thoughts on “Gogyohka for a poorly cat”

    1. I hope so! She’s the only cat I’ve known that trots alongside when we take the dog for walks. She doesn’t have a lead, just comes along to be companionable. No traffic country lanes, I have to add!

    1. She doesn’t look old but she does look poorly. She’s hanging onto her food so far, just a small amount. She’s our son’s cat really. He found her wailing outside the mosque on his way home from school. He’s taking time off work to come out and see her. I never get that kind of attention!

      1. She was a kitten, fat and sleek as a little seal and she followed him from where she was lurking outside the mosque across the main road, yelling her head off. She is the noisiest cat I have ever known.

      1. When I go to your poem page it’s a continuous stream, no individual poems to like or comment on. I have been able to get to them, but not in a while. Maybe send a page link?

      2. If you follow you would see the individual post published but then because I can’t see where those blogs go on my site I do copy them on to my continuous feed in order to see them when I look at the site like a webpage . I’m quite new to all this . I will post the poem I’ve written today in a little while – think I will call it Rule of Three . Just a draft at min . Thankyou all the same for your interest . Ruth

      3. I thought I was following you, to be honest, and I have seen individual posts before and commented. I’ll check, follow (if I’m not) and see if it makes a difference.

      4. It’s live now with 2 likes so
        Rule of Three
        I’m not sure how to send a direct link
        To you – maybe you have to follow first . Have a good day Ruth

  1. Twelve isn’t so old. Looks like she has a few years left in her. Disgruntled tummy I’m sure. Mine is about twelve too. Been gone for two and a half months and bounced right back when she got home. Picked up weight, fur’s glossy, up to all her old antics.

    1. She doesn’t look old or behave old. I think she probably ate something stupid. I know she found a dead bird that had broken its neck flying into a window, at least a day after it died and she ate it. I suspect she was the one who ate the dead vole outside our bedroom window too. We’ll know a bit better tomorrow.

      1. Its not really a drug.It is also mixed with the more expensive cat food. Dont ask me why cats love it. We used it with our former cat -the noble one Lol – and it worked.

      2. Actually, he had no problem. But the food seemed too easy for him. In any case, we didn’t think about digestive swelling. After a few drops of valerian on the food, he would not stop eating.

  2. Oh no! I hope Trixie, Mistress of Pasta is OK. She looks so adorable in that box.
    And of course, it’s important. She’s a member of your family. I hope it was just some minor thing. I still miss Mickey. 😢

    1. Thanks Merrill. She hadn’t kept anything down for almost two days and that’s getting critical for a cat. Since she had the injection she’s eaten a little and hung onto it. She’s outside now looking for a vole supplement I expect 😏Of course you miss Mickey. It’s early days yet

      Sent from Outlook Mobile


      1. It is 🙂 She’s staying close to home, not wanting to go out at all. Could be because it’s pouring biblical quantities of rain at the moment. But she’s taking food and keeping it down and that’s the main thing.

  3. You have a beautiful cat. I’m sorry she’s not feeling well. I hope she is feeling catly soon. I think it’s fair that she became the Mistress of Pasta, subsuming the title on the box.

    1. She’s a funny cat (aren’t they all?) and the most vocal I’ve ever known, and we’ve had Siamese that are supposed to talk more than any others. She’s feeling as though she could manage a bit of breakfast this morning so things are looking up, thanks.
      There are two identical boxes, one for each of our black cats. Trixie won’t allow the other one to use hers though when she’s in residence. The Ninnie has to wait until Trixie is out on business to have her turn.

    1. She was very miserable last night and wouldn’t eat but was ready for breakfast this morning! Thanks, it is hard to ignore people you live with, especially the big mouths.

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