A moment of peace


There are swallows in the dusk sky,

where insects swarm and sun sets

in a spectrum of splendour.


Listen to the rain drip from the eaves,

the leaves, blackbird bustle in the hedge,

the evening song of a warbler,


last bird awake on this day of storm,

then the settling like sand in a timer,

before sleep stalks these sodden meadows.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

29 thoughts on “A moment of peace”

    1. Thank you. Those evenings have been lovely and very welcome. We’ve just had another storm and downpour but it looks as though that was the last one. From tomorrow the weather starts to get back to normal.

      1. Oh, that’s good. We just had several beautiful days–low humidity, June sunshine, but today it’s been raining, and for the next several days we have higher humidity, higher temperatures, and chance of thunderstorms. Sigh.

      2. Is that normal June weather for you? I did hear somebody say that June is always crappy here until the last week. It looks as though that bit of weather lore is coming true 🙂

      3. Usually June is a nice month–July and August get hot and humid. Our wedding anniversary is coming up–in the past it always seemed like we had good weather for it.

      4. Ours is soon too (as you’d expect) 4th of July so nobody has an excuse to forget it. Couldn’t have the 14th because the town halls are closed 🙂

      5. Well, you could forget July 4th there, couldn’t you? That’s my daughter’s wedding anniversary, too, so her husband has no excuse to forget it. 😀 They got a good deal with having their wedding on a holiday.

      6. Ha ha! You’d be surprised. The world hangs on what’s going on in the US. Nobody wouldn’t know it was the national holiday over there.
        So your municipal services stay open on the national holiday? Everything closes here except some shops.

      7. No. The municipal offices are closed on holiday, but they don’t marry there (unless I guess they’re having a wedding by a judge). They had to get the license ahead of time–and there was a problem because that was the summer there was a big tornado in that area and lots of buildings and the road were closed for awhile. The town hall in the town in which they were getting married opened just in time. I went with them as witness to get the license, and then I picked it up for them a few days later because they were living in PA. They got married at a golf course where my husband works now.

      8. Sounds as though they picked a good day!

        It’s all very republican here with the flag, the mayor with his tricolour sash. Some people then go on to a church, but more often than not it’s to a photo shoot in the park 🙂

  1. Birds have their respective times to be busy with the storm and then after, then for the arriving of night. Such versatility in their talents and the parts they play.

    1. It’s hard to hear over the noise of the rain if any of the smaller songbirds carry on despite the storm, but in the lulls, the songs of blackbirds and thrushes swell.

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