Haiku for wild irises

For Frank Tassone’s challenge.

wild irises


around the well

the shooting spears

of untamed irises



born in spring rains

beetle bright


in spring damp

cool green water blue a world

in a flower

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

41 thoughts on “Haiku for wild irises”

    1. Thank you. Do you mean, what does it mean? I was thinking of the colour of the flower, cool green and water blue, and that those are also the colours of the planet hence, a world in a flower.

    1. They are. Stamping on creepy-crawlies is a reflex action many of us have from childhood. Now I spend an inordinate amount of time catching insects to put them outside…

    1. It does, and the colours, whichever they are, seem just right. I remember as a child not having much sense of which colours ‘went’ together. I used blue then green then red and dabs of yellow. Never did understand why they didn’t ‘go’ together and why there were too many of them.

  1. I think “beetle bright” is an inventive and wonderful way to describe a flower. I’m glad you have these irises to enjoy. We’re enjoying tiger lilies now.

    1. Thank you. The irises have finished, as have most of the more spectacular wild flowers, but the cultivated flowers are doing fine. I don’t have any lilies. The day lilies we brought with us didn’t adapt.

  2. Lovely poem and photos. I have lots of iris in my yard. I love them even though they don’t last long. When my children were growing up, there was a low spot in our yard near the fence. I planted some gorgeous yellow water iris there. It not only solved the problem but they were such a bright, sunny spot in my yard. Hugs.

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