Undecided gogyohka


hard to start a day

that seems to have already decided

it has ended

and the sky refusing

to put off night-grey


A day of dull light

cool wind

decisions hanging in the air

and the only voices

in my head


like an end of autumn

with wind skirmish

bemused birds silenced

listening for their cue

from the rain


silence fills the spaces

beneath the trees

and in the exposed homes

in the bare meadow



evening spreads red skirts

melancholy dances

in the lengthening shadows

where only the thrush

still sings

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

24 thoughts on “Undecided gogyohka”

  1. And isn’t it warmly glorious, because you sit in this waning world and you feel, and this is perhaps one of very few instances in which you feel this, that this ending is so thronged in beauty, it’s even hard to perceive it as an ending.
    It’s one of a handful of things that Fernando Pessoa inspired me to believe — that we are not admirers of nature, but elements of it.

    1. So true. Even those who don’t see themselves in the picture, don’t observe it and don’t much care about what happens to it are in there. We are all actors, even when we sit with our backs to the sunset watching TV.

  2. You describe o well that very grey dark stillness of impending storms. Our days have been a patchwork of alternating dark and light, hail and sun. Strange weather for strange times. (K)

      1. Well, the business of America is business. Revolution is harder to get rolling when that is an affirmed philosophy. In Europe we tend to pretend we’re not entirely sold out to increased productivity.

  3. A day that’s over before it begins or that’s how it feels. You describe this dulling paradox well, when and where even by the end “melancholy dances.” The day is still there, after all. I think I’m speaking for myself, when I wake up as tired as I went to sleep. Or ven looking outside today, where everything is gray and hazy. Who wants to play in that?

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