Haiku sequence for the thunder moon

For Frank Tassone’s Thunder Moon challenge.



in unclouded silence—

thunder moon


summer speaks

silver and gold with thunder

in the moon’s voice



nights rocked with rain lit day-bright

behind clouds—the moon


night storm

among the billows

the moon glows


look—not fireflies

about the moon not stars

lightning flickers


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

35 thoughts on “Haiku sequence for the thunder moon”

      1. I hope your storms are over, too. We have storms in the forecast from now into tomorrow, and then a chance the rest of the week. It’s really coming down. We had a heat advisory earlier in the day–it was so hot and oppressive.

  1. It’s a striking sequence (lightning strikes?), but each haiku stands well on its own. If I were the moon, I would be flattered. Here it is a source of light and power.

      1. Rain is good. I wouldn’t mind if we did get another downpour. The farmers have already siphoned off most of the water in the stream already and the water table was exceptionally high this spring.

      2. Who knows what each day will be like… And the summer for us has more or less just started. This week was mostly rainy, but it could be hot for several weeks straight without relief.

      3. The air cleared a bit when we were told to stay home… It was even reported that the ozone layer was mending. I think though some if it is cyclically natural.

      4. The problem I thought of when I heard that was that all the sceptics and deniers are going to say, it’s not such a problem, it only takes a few weeks of slowing down world economies and nature patches itself up. So, it’s full steam ahead again, no worries.

      5. I hope more folks take things seriously. I know I try to always have several errands on my list when I take out my car. There are quite a bit of little things everyone can do to help.

        There’s one company that sells bracelets they make out of the debris they clean from the oceans. And I noticed more places have signs up (that hopefully they are actually doing) that day old breads, bake goods and even produce are going to shelters.

        I think it will be a long while before things get ‘full steam’ and maybe hopefully never?

      6. I think we’re going to have to do big things rather than little things. We haven’t been doing enough little things and it’s getting too late to start small. So many of the really destructive things are simply leisure or comfort for already relatively rich people. We’re talking here about changing agriculture to do away with intensive meat farming, so meat will be more expensive, there’ll be far less of it, but it will be more humane. It’s the kind of measure I’d support. And banning cruise ships altogether!

      7. Letting the right people do their jobs – the scientist… the doctors and ecologists. Instead of fighting them at every turn. Too much politics. Not sure what banning cruise ships would do except maybe have people travel in other ways that would create more strain on resources. Should we also ban unnecessary travel of any kind out of the country we live in? Or is it just better screening of the people who travel?

        At the moment some US states have close their borders (put in 14 day quarantines… for those wanting to enter). As long as there is trade there will be was for disease and insects to travel.

        I’ve read that as one gets older they can’t process meat as well as other foods. I rarely have beef these days. So a ban on beef wouldn’t bother me all that much. But we do need ethical ways to produce the proteins we as humans need.

      8. Mass tourism is terribly destructive and I think the cruise ships are the most polluting form of tourism. Too many people are totally reliant on bringing people to see something that their numbers are destroying. It’s unsustainable.
        We need a global shakeup. It’s not going to be easy for some.

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