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My poem, No justice is in Visual Verse today. You can read it here

or better still, start at the beginning of the issue and read all the entries so far. The title page is here.

The Grenfell Tower fire was a terrible tragedy, but you have to wonder if it would have happened if the residents had not been who they were. The BBC list of names and faces is revealing of the social makeup of the building.

Khadija Saye was a young talented artist, one of the 72 men, women and children who died because they were not wealthy enough for their safety to have been considered important.

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55 thoughts on “Poem in Visual Verse”

  1. Well said
    This happened before – the industrial Revolution era. The workers, the poor, the invisible were crammed into tenements and there were fires.
    Why can’t those with money and the governments partner to hire the unemployed and those with social conscience who can find time to build decent housing – with small gardens, neighborhoods, on any vacant lot – even as temporary starting point to help people – let future home owners assist in the build to create pride of ownership. It would make a difference. Habitat for Humanity was own the right track.
    We just keep reinventing the wheel. Food, shelter, safe neighborhoods for kids, education, worthy work for self esteem and self respect – the basics needed for stable society

    1. Sounds like a good idea, but ‘those with money’ don’t partner unless it’s to partner in profits. Government schemes shouldn’t be about profit. Those with money can be made to partner through taxation and profit sharing, capping salaries and payments to shareholders, but that requires a particular type of strong government, and we rarely get governments who aren’t in hock to their friends, the property developers and other bottom-feeders. I’d be all for it, but that’s just me.

  2. Thank you for the posting. Oh yes, how many decades ones are discussing about security of tower buildings? The TwinTower terrorism in New York has shown before how important this is, but nothing happend.

    1. Grenfell wasn’t that type of security though, it was simple neglect of the basic safety mechanisms for electrical wiring, gas and heating installations and disrepair of the structure. The families living in it were poor and consequently the landlord didn’t consider they deserved to have decent safe housing.

      1. For sure, Jane! But isnt it at least the same? Yes, Grenfell was only a accomodation not at first a working place, but there are security deficits in every part of work too. One can see it with the Mouth-Nose-Protection-Mask. At least for laughter. They need FFP2 or FFP3 masks, with ten times higher costs per piece.

      2. I’m sure you’re right, but given the choice between providing my own masks if my boss isn’t prepared to do it and living in a tower block without adequate fire safety controls, I know which of the two risks I’d rather take.

  3. Congratulations!
    Housing, food, education, medical care,…really, these people are just expendable cogs in the wheel.
    I mentioned birds in mine as well. (K)

    1. I’m pleased you shared my anger. We call them avoidable tragedies, as if that absolves the group profiteers who let them happen.

      VV is a good venture. The images are usually inspiring and they publish a high percentage of what’s sent them.

      1. If nobody is to blame, then there was no tragedy. End of story. 72 dead I don’t know how many still hopeless, but never mind, they don’t have the minister’s ear.

      2. Because there are a lot of little things wrong and for some people/things, they are important. When we stop being concerned out the little insignificant things it’s easy to let the big things go the same way.

      3. I struggle all the time with the complete lack of restorative justice, every voice is important. As will probably happen with the Epstein inquiry too, voices silenced for the cause of ego, reputation and money.

      4. I fear too many of the victims will accept out of court settlements and the case will fall apart. The best I think we can hope for is for plea bargaining and she’s allowed to dump the rest of the monsters in it in return for getting off the hook.

  4. I think you’re right. I thought this when the fire happened. If another class, so to speak, of residents had lived there, everything would have been different before, during, and after.

    1. It wouldn’t have happened. The electrical and gas installations would have been checked regularly, and rich people tend not to use cheap oil heaters to keep warm in the winter.

  5. (after reading)
    It is a volume of powerful verse. Your work shows the horror of those who died and the spaces in between where men pocketed profit, anyway. I am reminded of the poem “The Cry of the Children” by Elizabeth Barrett Browning in which children cry for mercy from the iron wheels of the factory–but know no mercy will come to them. They don’t count as others do.

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