Gogyohka for summer morning


sun ripples

through flesh and bone

chasing memories of cold and damp

and the darkness

of a night of no moon


cool grass glistens


and a chiff chaff

chiff-chaffs quietly

in the sleepy morning hedge



where the boundaries are green and leafy

and the stream runs lower as heat rises

we stand on the edge

of vertiginous summer

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

20 thoughts on “Gogyohka for summer morning”

  1. This is so beautiful! Light chasing away cold and dark–and leaving standing on the edge, not knowing what will happen next.
    I love “chiff chaff
    chiff-chaffs quietly” 😀

  2. I’m drawn to the sun “chasing memories of cold and damp.” These must be shooed away until the next time maybe, but for now it’s morning.

    and the stream runs lower as heat rises

    I live near enough streams to see this happen, though I don’t note it as a phenomenon of meaning nearly often enough. You’ve really made special the aspects of arrival of the summer morning.

    1. I watch the level of the water in the stream. It goes from overflowing in the spring to completely dry in high summer. The farmers dam it at source and use it to irrigate. Our neighbour helps himself to the trickle that overflows the dam. If we were to say it’s a resource that belongs to everyone, including the trees along the banks, the ducks and frogs that live in it and the wild animals that drink from it, they’d tell us to get back to town.

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