Days slip

I thought the Oracle’s message was going to be gloomy but I kept on turning the pages and I’m fine with where it ends up.


Days slip

between cup and lip

never tasted


a river of unborn dreams


into thirsty sand

moon glints in the eye of a fish

swimming dark seas

deep as tree shadows

silent as carp


secrets with white sails

hide in the blinding light

others curl dormant

in stinking mud

mouths full of glittering teeth


but above

there is soft sky

through the broken cloud

the slow sad passage of the night

and the long sigh of going home


where breezes dance

through sun-fire in the grass

time drifts in feathered smoke

with all our ghosts

careless as the laughter of the stars

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

21 thoughts on “Days slip”

  1. The last line is a perfect end,as its a lot of laughter about the dreams humans are trying to fullfill, during the forgot living. Enjoy your weekend on the nature site, Jane! Best wishes, Michael

  2. Jane, I have included you in a static page of recommended blogs. I was wondering if it’s okay for you to be there, but I will promptly remove you in case you oppose the idea!
    Also, I’ve heard of this oracle before; quite a few blogs I follow mention it, but I could never decode its origin. Could you perhaps tell me where it comes from, if its not much of a hassle? I’m sorry!

    1. I’d be honoured to be there! Thank you for thinking of me.
      Somebody, I forget who (might have been me) started using the online magnets to inspire poetry every Saturday. We each use different tactics to get a poem, and I started using only the words proposed, but the vocabulary is extremely limited, so now I pick out words that leap into a phrase and make the poetry around it.
      We started calling the results messages from the Oracle because they have an uncanny knack of being relevant, and often several of us end up with similar poems.
      Have a look at it. I enjoy playing with the proposed words. The Poet and Original are the sets I use most often, occasionally the Nature set.
      Keep clicking on ‘more words’ at the bottom of each page until you find what you want. There aren’t many, six maybe.

  3. For all it might not want to go there, the night has an impressive home. Maybe night is finding too much pleasure in simply sailing through (or as) the sky. I suppose a place where time is careless might not sound so good to the over-scheduled–and our ghosts are there–but I like the different place and the freedom it might provide. Maybe it’s an eccentric opinion; maybe I’m searching more than I know.

  4. The Oracle did end up giving you a lovely message. It is like turning the pages of a day–all the snapshots, and ending with the stars.
    I had a hard time getting a clear message today. I thought ours were not too similar–until I got to the end of yours.

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