gogyohka for summer pause

bright chicory and cats ears

such a feeling of completion

when the meadow returns

in a froth of white lace

above yellows and purple pinks

blues and tender greens


scars of haymaking washed away

in the flowing tide of vegetation

hay bales slump

rooted by climbing tendrils

of more growth


spring is not yet done

with the furious pumping of the life force

slower but still potent

the meadow rises

to meet the sunfall


heat pulses and bakes

dries the coaxed grasses

kindles fireflowers

an oriole refuses to sing

but squawks in complaint


and summer twilight fading

the imperceptible transformation

of the distant whooping of children

to the fluttering hooting

of the first owls

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

16 thoughts on “gogyohka for summer pause”

      1. It’s lovely, much more attractive than a lawn with a few ornamental bushes imported from China. Hard work keeping it under control though, and completely dependent on a farmer with a mower and a baler.

  1. I love the “but…” to the idea of completion– spring is not yet done. There is always something growing even when we can’t see it. (K)

  2. What a wonderful day with flowers and meadow grass and even summer heat (if still too much of that). The moment when children and owls might be heard is truly appealing.

    1. There’s a house about three quarters of a mile away with children and a swimming pool. Sometimes in the evening we hear them and I noticed yesterday how the sound of one child in particular (a whooper) merged with the hooting of the owls are the kids were hurried off to bed.

  3. You are always using so powerful dependencies like in “the meadow rises

    to meet the sunfall”. Love it. By the way: Do we not all want such wonderful meadows, with different flowers? But then we use something like RoundUp to get an only green area.

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