Eggshell blue




blue as the shell of a bird’s egg

curved smoother than pebbles

in a riverbed


untroubled by clouds


redolent of ocean spray


sky arcs

an eggbubble

protective casing


stretches above about behind

and beyond is the black

the deep and the dark


where cats’ eyes of stars

stare blandly at the bird’s egg blue shell

silent as an empty nest.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

26 thoughts on “Eggshell blue”

      1. I’m pleased you find it distracting. What’s going to happen is a permanent worry, so many signs of a change all around us, in behaviour and in nature.

      2. America seems to think that change is not an option. Look at the numbers. The rabid “patriots” think wearing a mask goes against their liberty and will yank it right off ones face if the motion moves them. I’m disheartened to say the least.

      3. The ‘sovereign citizen’ movement is what worries me, these selfish individuals who think they owe nothing to the society that nurtures them, no laws apply and no responsibilities. The ultimate ego.

      4. It’s killing us over here. 250000 bikers are headed out to party for a week at Sturgis South Dakota then bring the virus back home to whatever state they came from. We need federal mandates to stay home until we get this virus somewhat under control Right now, it’s winning.

      5. The best idea would be to fence those bikers in together wherever it is they’re having their party and let them spread the virus among themselves. I have no sympathy with people like that. If they think it’s their civil liberty to do what they want, it’s the civil liberty of the state of Dakota to round them up and keep them away from other citizens.

      6. They ought to, or they are going to be made to? They certainly ought to, but enforcement might be very difficult, and who will provide the facilities? They ought to pay out of their own pockets, because if they don’t, I can’t imagine American taxpayers volunteering to stump up for them.

      7. The mayor of Sturgis has encouraged them to flock there as they do every year but the residents are up in arms and afraid. We’re so obsessed with Personal freedom over here we won’t protect ourselves. It is really all about government greed. Our Covid numbers, now the highest in the world, reflects our lack of leadership.

      8. It’s the conundrum of the clash of freedoms. When one’s freedom means another’s servitude. It would be if there was a true philosophy behind it, but basically it’s just what used to be called grossly selfish and irresponsible behaviour.

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