10 thoughts on “gogyohka for rising tides”

  1. Ooh, absolutely beautifully expressed. So intrinsic and vivid, and it describes the images very well. I love this piece with the comparison of flowers and the sky. Brilliantly penned, as always. ❤

    1. Thank you. The clouds look like ribs of sand, flowers look like foam on wave tips, grass and sky look like the sea. It’s reassuring that nature echoes itself reusing forms and colours.

    1. The bottom photo was last night, heat clouds. I keep trying to get an accurate photo of the white lace meadow flowers which are a couple of feet high and climbing, but the camera on the phone flattens them into daisies on a lawn.

  2. An ocean on the ground and in the sky. Normally, I drive by fields of corn and soy, which don’t make waves the way the land (and sky) near you do. You depict an impressive perspective on what you see and hear.

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