News bulletin: fait divers

On Saturday night, for the first time in this neighbourhood, probably because of the Covid restrictions regarding taking holidays, there was a big family gathering about half a mile along the lane. We heard the music, French yéyé from the 1960s and 70s, before our evening dog walk took us past the house, where we saw the cars in the driveway, the floodlit tables outside, with dozens of people from tiny tots to grandparents.

Later, from half a mile away, we heard them singing. The entertainment climaxed around midnight with Bella Ciao, the whole song, and a rousing final chorus that set the dogs off, reminding us that we live in a département where a sizeable percentage of the population claims Italian origins.

owls listen bemused

minnow-moths shoal in the light

human partying

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Jane Dougherty

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32 thoughts on “News bulletin: fait divers”

      1. All countries do with poor populations who keep dogs for work or for guarding the house. They don’t neuter them and they breed like…dogs. It’s a sign of poverty and it goes with a lack of feeling for animals. When you’re scraping along the bottom yourself, it’s hard to feel soft about animals.

  1. I hope they had a good celebration. I wonder if it was a special birthday? I hope it didn’t keep you up–thank goodness they’re half a mile away. Can you imagine if they were right next to you? 😏
    I’m still bemused that people are gathering here. I see photos of people with friends and family. We’re still limiting our social/physical contact. There’s a whole debate about what to do about schools–each state/district decides.

    1. It must have been a special occasion, but yes, I’m glad they weren’t next door. All we heard clearly was Bella Ciao.
      We have seen our children in ones and twos maximum. They don’t want to bring the virus out here. People are starting to get resentful especially as conditions are tightening up. Masks outdoors now in most big towns. It’s the rural people who ignore most of it, and in the cities it’s getting difficult to police.

  2. I so understand the urge to get together with family and friends…but too many are giving in here, and just ignoring all precautions, and as a result the virus keeps spreading. I just hope for their sakes they don’t end up killing their parents or grandparents. Who could live with that? (K)

    1. We had to go into Bordeaux yesterday and although the people we saw weren’t wearing masks, everybody else, the people we passed going to supermarkets, walking about in the streets, were all wearing them. We’ve been lulled into the idea that the virus won’t come around here as we’ve had very few cases, but it’s the summer, people move about, and this year, because people are staying in their own country/region for their holidays, there are tourists. It just takes a handful, and the virus spreads like wildfire if people aren’t taking precautions.

  3. Owls listen bemused- love that! Humanity hushed for a while and all the animals got to reclaim their positions but everything is temporary and people will party. Regardless of the dangers. I am glad it inspired poetry from you though. I read yesterday about the mandatory masks now outdoors in France. It’s still early days since this pandemic first dropped and yet people are so anxious for the old normal to return. Here we have shut down three counties whose infections rose- mainly from clusters in factories but the other day was an Irish heatwave- 22 degrees 😂😂 – and the beaches all around the coast were packed. It’s crazy. Keep safe and well my friend. Courage ☘️💚

    1. Thanks Damien, you too 🙂 The big worry is tourism. People seem to think they’ve ‘earned’ their fun for being good for a few months, and that the virus is like some kind of severe parent whose heart can be melted if we smile sweetly at it.

  4. I hear about the party, and the first thing I do is worry. I hope everyone stayed well, after. I guess if my family got together, I’d want to be there. But I don’t think we’re going to do that to each other for a while. Pressure a party, that is. Sorry, I guess I’m with the owls and moths for now.

    1. It’s the one and only experience of people flouting the rules that I’ve had though I hear that in town they’re at it all the time. I hope they haven’t stirred up a hornets’ nest too.

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