How do we


How do we wake when the day is dark

as midnight ink and sea rolls and roils

thick as smoke?


Why turn and rise with the habitual gestes

when the wind yells and the trees fall

and birds tossed like paper bags

steer their chaotic way through the gloom?


It is coming the great flood

fire or water

or scorpions with lionsโ€™ heads


galloping from the open hands of the great of this world

and their acolytes with the face of the man next door.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

49 thoughts on “How do we”

    1. Sorry; I missed this comment! I hope I’m wrong, but I have a terrible feeling of dread about the future. What is coming is going to be horrible for many of the people and others we share this planet with.

      1. You’ve put it quite right. it’s a shame we humans don’t see it approaching. Let’s hope we can do something for a change.

      2. We could if we wanted, but nobody does. Saving the planet and its inhabitants has become a question of civil liberties. If you don’t want to play, nobody is going to make you. Meanwhile, the fires burn.

      3. Exactly. I don’t understand how people fail to see the. This ignorance is heart wrenching. And as you said, the fires burn.

      4. In some cases it’s ignorance. In some places the people are too poor to do anything but what they’ve been doing for centuries. But everywhere, the people who actually run the world, the heads of the multi-nationals, the business leaders and politicians all know what they are doing, and the educated do too. If we, who have the choice, choose to carry on with the same stupid wasteful lifestyle it is pure and utter selfishness.

      5. I agree. Humans are selfish indeed. In the end however, those who are in a strong position to make change are the ones who hurt the environment the most. What an irony!

      1. And you can be absolutely certain that if the young people stayed away, the old curmudgeons who warmongered in the first place would suddenly find they had golf or a party on a private island.

  1. I’ve been working six days a week minimum the last two months and have not read your work – what an ERROR that is. And whilst the aforementioned Anthology was by invite only for former authors I read these and know if there is any way possible they must be in this collection. So without pressuring you (tee hee) PLEASE can I submit – August, How do we and Choice Perhaps?

      1. YES! Thank you so much! I will do it for you I will just directly upload them into our file sharer now – I have cut and pasted them into Word and I only need your bio – then depending on what the other editors choose (I would choose all three without blinking) I will send you a contract once we’re at that stage which should be within the next four weeks. Oh I’m so happy you said yes!

      2. Oh goodness that must have been an ache. I feel for you as especially now, although in some ways I feel things have changed irrevocably and in other ways not at all – I hope they will be all right. Sending you love for that. And so happy I can submit your three beauties!

      3. you’re lucky if you can find those emotions within your memories. I can’t. I remember things and people, incidents, but not how I felt about them.

      4. So what I will do is send you a digital copy AND one by mail (I will order it via the French Amazon) when the time comes. Just FYI ok? Thank you again this is so great. I LOVED these three poems (I love all your work but you know what I mean)

      5. You know I would have sent you the same with SMITTEN but I did send you a digital copy – I loathe how expensive it is to send things. I will be sure to send a proper hard copy of As The World Burns. xx

      6. The dbmail one. I have a gmail which works too, I just don’t look at it unless someone tells me they’ve sent something to that one. I have a rocketmail of yours. Is that okay?

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