Review of Apples of the Gods

This quarter’s Heroic Fantasty Quarterly has a new review, and I’m pleased that the reviewer, got the point I was trying to make with the story of Idunn and the Apples of the Gods. Thank you, Charles Payseur.

You can read his review here.

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Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

15 thoughts on “Review of Apples of the Gods”

  1. Indeed spot on. Well done. The review cleared a question I had about Idunn and her power – I now know she didn’t realise – which is a strong message to the female human even today.

    1. Thanks. He also makes the point that the heartbreak is because there was never any room for women to change their destiny in a meaningful way. They were always going to have to tow the line and to have Idunn picking up a sword and whacking heads off to get her own way would be silly.
      The first review I don’t post because it was so lame. The reviewer (a woman) hadn’t understood what the story was about at all. I try to be clear…

      1. Which is rare.
        I recently read an amazing collection of poetry and a review said it’s a book about a loss and the moon, and bees and snakes and so much more, and I was like, oh Jesus. So I reread the book and sent out my own review. I thought it deserved sth smarter.

      2. I wonder why people set themselves up as reviewers sometimes. Some you can tell are enthusiastic, and if they dislike something, you can tell they don’t like having to say so, but they give their reasons. Some just seem to find the whole process of reading irritating. They’d rather be getting on with their macramé

      3. The fact that you’re a writer doesn’t make you a literary critic and vice versa. Unfortunately, this happens a lot with small publishers. They can’t pay reviews so they ask writers to do it. Hence, the outcome.

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