Goodnight moon

at the end of the day

we can only say the day is ended

the sun has set

and in the whispering of the leaves

is the promise of tomorrow


tomorrow begins with the dark

and the moon’s course across the sky

the patterings and scufflings among the grasses

the hunting owls

and the dropping dew


dew prefigures frost

the silver veiling of the earth

paling of the green

and trembling tree shadows

to the colour of moonlight


moonlight bathes

the meadow is awash

and the day has ended in the night ocean

I sail sunwards

clutching my promise of tomorrow

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

13 thoughts on “Goodnight moon”

  1. LOVE this! ❤ Tomorrow always promises something new with each day having gone by. There is always something to turn or something to look for. For some, that may be hope. Beautiful poem, as always. This is masterful work.

    1. Thank you. It’s brought a new home improvement project that involves dismantling the bit of furniture we have in the kitchen for the legs, sawing the ends off (to make it lower) and joining them up again. Only further apart, with a new top, and a hole drilled in it for the sink to fit…

      1. They do here. July and August for builders. And a lot of the winter for outside work. No idea why the suppliers yard has to close as well though.
        I’m not even dying to get it started to be honest. I’ve been living in a pall of dust for the last twenty years.

      2. I know how you feel. Ive so much to be done here but can’t be arsed hounding him to do it. Cant bear the thoughts of rubble and dust 😭Sure its almost winter and I can pull the curtains and light candles and it will look cosy. There’s always next summer 😎🙈

      3. There’s so much to do here, you plug up one hole and something drops off somewhere else. At least the crack in the wall is filled and I won’t have to be on the alert to man the pumps every time it rains 🙂

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