Haibun for return of the sun

For the dverse prompt.

Rain cloud hung heavy. Days were cold and wet and nights were dark, but today the sun came back, the wind turned and brought the warm breath of the west. Butterflies, orange ochre and blue, danced, lizards skittered over the walls, and the new fresh green was like a premature spring.
I should have written the moon, but the sun is still in my eyes. It brought a flock of egrets, moonwhite, and herons, flying so low one grazed the windscreen of the car with trailing legs. Breathtaking.
whatever the night
there is always a moon

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

44 thoughts on “Haibun for return of the sun”

  1. Gorgeous! I could do with lots of sun and warm breath right now with snow pretty deep all around here this morning. Cold.. brrr! And we’re a month into Spring.. Ha!

    1. The rain revived the vegetation and filled the trees with songbirds but the sun seemed to bring out flocks of big birds. The heron was a shock. We thought we might have hit it, their wing beats are so deep, but it seemed to have got airborne.

  2. ‘the warm breath of the west’ – I love this description, and the egret ‘grazed the windscreen of the car with trailing legs’ – how wonderful! I would have been distracted from driving if this happened to me!

  3. I love how the wind turned and your haibun transformed from heavy raincloud and darkness to bright and colourful – almost psychedelic! The flock of moonwhite egrets and herons must have been magical. And you ended with a wise haiku, Jane! Sadly, it is grey and overcast, downcast even, today, and I can’t go for my Tuesday walk as it’s still quite dangerous after the big storm this weekend, with trees and cables still down around the area.

    1. Thanks Kim 🙂 We’re having a three day respite from the cold rain and wind. Your storms must have been much worse than anything we got. The Mediterranean region had bad flooding but the storms we were promised from the Atlantic never turned up. Just the rain. It was lovely to begin with…

    1. Well, the sun was noticeably absent for the lest few days. We had solid rain, heavy cloud and cold. I think we miss the sun more than the moon who we expect to be here one night gone the next.

  4. I didn’t want to read yours till I wrote mine. 😀
    The beauty of moon or sun after the rain, and the knowledge that they are always there–so true. I love the image of the egrets and “my” heron swooping in. He/she probably wanted to get close to say hello.

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