Death or birth—choose

The message of the Oracle today was unexpected. I would say she has en election on her mind.

Bald as death in the egg
spilling dark honey into the light mist-pale
are those bitter words (not truth)
driven by ambition and greed.

You would deny the music of the moon
the singing of the stars
claim the sky rains stones
and monsters swim in the deeps.

You will watch the screen nodding sagely
lips whispering agreement at the vitriol
that eats away the fabric of the seat where you sit
and see nothing

while the grip tightens of fist
crushing bone and squeezing out the life blood
and you chant its praise in hollow voices
proud of your new faith.

Why can you not see the petals drifting
smell the scent of roses see the majesty
of the storm that rolls on the hills
swallowing the wind and spitting out pips of silver hail?

Sun woman cradles the black of night
like a mother birthing red dusk and red dawn
calling us to wake together, see the infant world
and smile.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

25 thoughts on “Death or birth—choose”

  1. This is absolutely stunning, Jane, very appropriate for our times, of course.
    ‘Bald as death in the egg’; from the outset death and birth are inextricably linked, with this time of year too — and in this time of mankind.
    ‘while the grip tightens of fist
    crushing bone and squeezing out the life blood
    and you chant its praise in hollow voices
    proud of your new faith.’
    I can see some or nearly all of the politicians here, some of the bizarre measures being taken (in my view).
    And the last verse, calling us to wake up and see what’s really going on — I think a world in transition to something better, but it’s up to us as individuals to choose the ‘right’ side. Birth instead of death and the endless night of a civilisation in terminal decay.
    Wonderful stuff, I will reblog.
    Best wishes.

    1. Thank you, Francis! The fridge magnets usually give me much more personal poems, but this one seems so very close to the overtly political. The times they are achanging…maybe.

  2. She really does know everything! Beautiful and timely. I love that last stanza.

    My first look before my walk, gave me many of the words in your first stanza, but then when I tried again after my walk I got the moon music and stars. And we both end on similar thoughts.

  3. I do think ours are connected. The blue moonlight is waiting behind the fog of deception. I can still hear it singing, I just can’t get there yet.
    On a positive note, the Board of Elections has my absentee ballot as in and counted as of today. And early in-person voting started here, and my daughter said the lines wound 3 times around the block. I just hope the result is the right one…(K)

    1. Yes, the tone of the last stanza links up with you and Merril.
      I hope it’s a crashing defeat. If it sin’t crashing he’ll contest it, and in the chaos he’ll get out of the country to avoid trial. Well, assuming he’s in danger of that.

      1. I doubt it’ll be anything good. I read today that it’s expected that hedgehogs will be extinct by 2025. I.8 million of them killed on the roads in Europe every year or poisoned by pesticides. Enough to depress you if you weren’t already.

  4. This first line — “Bald as death in the egg” — is stunning. You and the Oracle indeed capture Trump and his Trumpsters with this wonderful poem. I read it as ending on a hopeful note (I must hope), and I do hope. We voted earlier this week in person. It was a great experience. A short line but still a line when usually we don’t see a line at all. Everyone masked and mindful, profusely thanking the poll workers for their service. It was managed so well it gave my heart a lift. At the end, we past by a Biden-Harris campaign stand and I told the ladies there that we had just voted for Biden. Cheers all around. So many people have already voted. If Trump has something up his sleeve, it’s probably too late. That’s my hope 😉

    1. Thanks, Marie 🙂 The Oracle usually ends her message with a glimmer of hope. If there’s a future, we have to believe there’ll be some good in it.

      If Trump doesn’t lose by a landslide, there’ll be trouble, and he’ll stir it. The card up his sleeve could be the police.

      1. And now it could be the Supreme Court. I’m seeing more references to the 2000 debacle of Gore v Bush. I don’t believe it’s possible to have a close election this time around, not one that would warrant massive recounting, but we’ll see. The Republicans are definitely doing all they can to suppress the vote.

      2. It certainly seems as though all his best pals all over the world are dropping him like a ton of bricks. I trust Putin at least to know which way the election will go.

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