Night eyes

For the dverse prompt.


In the dark of night with a moon
thin as famine and the black boughs
bending in sorrow at their nakedness,

when the furrowed field is rilled
with silver, churned as a battlefield,
there are the stars,

and beneath,
in the thickets of bramble
and crows nests,

invisible eyes watch my passing
with the patience of stones,
dispassionate as Solomon.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

68 thoughts on “Night eyes”

  1. That description of the eyes: ‘with the patience of stones,/dispassionate as Solomon.’ conveys almost a kind of resignedness to the way we treat them…but I also sense they wouldn’t be too upset if something bad happened to us!

  2. Your ‘invisible eyes’ gave me a frisson of danger but also excitement, Jane. I love that about night in the countryside, you never know what’s out there, even the stars could be watching. I love the similes ‘a moon thin as famine’ and the furrowed field ‘rilled with silver, churned as a battlefield’.

    1. I love being out after dark when it’s dead silent except for owls, acorns dropping from the trees and pigeons startling out of sleep. I do take a man and a dog and a heavy torch with me though 🙂

      1. The future is not going to change that in a hurry, not enough of us to tip the balance, but crisis will force us to make adjustments, though not harmony.

      2. Yes, I think you’re right. Whatever catastrophe we bring about that affects wildlife and the poorest most vulnerable people, the rich will always be one step ahead with some technological advance that will protect the few who can afford it.

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