33 thoughts on “Haiku for a noisy evening”

      1. They never go away. But the last few days I haven’t heard a single shot. The actual number of hunters is small, 0.07% of the population and many of those are ancient old men who are registered but haven’t used a rifle in years. They move about despite the lockdown so if they’re not popping away around here they’ll be somewhere else too distant to hear.

      2. Maybe getting their just rewards like all those in the freedom-loving states here who won’t wear masks and now don’t have enough hospital beds or medical personnel to care for them.

      3. If I knew it was the same people, I’d be more inclined to laugh than to show any sympathy. I have a sneaking feeling though that the super-spreaders aren’t ending up needing reanimation, and if they are, they’re depriving somebody else who didn’t deserve to catch the virus of a hospital bed. There ought to be a question on the hospital admittance form—are you opposed to wearing a mask? If the answer’s yes, leave them in a corridor.

      1. Cranes are wonderful, indeed! Here from the bigger birds, we only sometimes can watch some magpies. All the bigger are more in the north of the area, where the fish ponds are.

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