Not dreaming

The original word set shouted, ask! at me as it has often lately. So I peeped at the poet set instead. Ask! Twice more. I decided not to fight it.

Ask (you did twice)
will this cold wind blow the cloud away?
Or are the gods laughing at this ephemeral
peace thin as cloud and smoke
that holds up prisoners with hope?

The canopy of the sky is carved
marble baroque and magnificent as Bernini’s,
and beneath we dream
of star-glitter, colour of worlds
and the rhythm of sacred sounds,

but will we wake when the trees whisper,
it is time, or is this all there is,
sleep and the devouring illusion of fools’ fire,
a morning of fleeting memories
full of ghosts?

The arcanes we once lived by
find no grip in this blue; perhaps
some sister-self found comfort there once,
but I am wrapped in the wild and murmuring
magic part of the we I make with you.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

35 thoughts on “Not dreaming”

  1. This is beautiful!
    We both opened with questions and ended with magical togetherness.

    It’s funny when the Oracle insists upon a word. I’ve had that happen, too. It seems to me that both of poems were today were similar in tone, but not our typical Oracle poems in style.

    Off to read Kerfe’s now. 😀

    1. Kerfe’s is the same. It’s so very odd how that happens. I changed sets because I’d had ‘ask’ so often. It leaps off the page and I can’t unsee it. And it isn’t common that the other sets include the same ‘trigger’ words, especially not in the first page.

      1. Thank you Jane! During the day we had some sun rays, and i am very greatful for this. As long as the temperatures over zero its comfortable for me. I am hardend for this area. Lol

      2. Me too, Jane! But we have to overcome. I am happy about the reopening of the one and only discount market here. This has had suddenly closed for the last five weeks, and we had to carry all our food from the next village, over 7 kilometers.

      3. I’m afraid I can’t get worked up about the little shops that are having a hard time. When they are the only option, they take advantage of it, charge a lot for poor quality.

      4. I think we will get a very new – or should i only say not known – economic situation. ;-( A mix of socialism and feudalism at once. Here our state financial observers today told about too many money was spent against the crisis. This was only aired by some radio stations, not by the states TV.

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