Bide with me

A quadrille for dverse. I’ve used the form bide rather than abide as it’s the form that’s used where I come from.

green river bank

This is my place where I will bide
though the world rolls by a different course
and the seas roll back a different tide;

I’ll wait beneath the willow tree
for leaves to fall, boughs to leaf
and you coming striding home to me.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

93 thoughts on “Bide with me”

  1. So poignant and full of longing. I used ‘bide’ as well as ‘abide’ and didn’t really think about why the form differs, but now you’ve made me think about that, thank you!

  2. This is stellar writing, Jane! The poem in my opinion can be interpreted in several ways. For me, the longing here is palpable ❤️

  3. This is lovely and I agree there’s a sense of longing. It’s interesting about bide and abide. I think I’ve maybe used bide in other poems. Neither word comes up much in conversation.😀

  4. I like the ambiguity of it…there is waiting and then there are other waitings. My first sense was of timelessness, which seemed full of knowing. (K)

      1. Yes. Moving to Michigan. This was a financial redo to do get settled for retirement. Our house is under contract and we’ve found a house there, too. Lots of friends in Michigan, so it feels like going home. ❤️

    1. Thanks Lynn 🙂
      It doesn’t fit the sense. It has to follow in the same phrase from ‘I wait for you…’ so it could be ‘to come striding’. Both scan. Not sure why I chose the option I did.

  5. This place looks like my garden, where we have a willow tree, Jane, the perfect place to wait for a loved one. I love the lines:
    ‘though the world rolls by a different course
    and the seas roll back a different tide’
    which suggest that the speaker has been waiting a long time, could even be a ghost.

  6. Lovely contrast with all the movements and the stationary one who is waiting – some very beautiful lines too
    “though the world rolls by a different course
    and the seas roll back a different tide;”

  7. No better place to wait than under a willow tree… but for how long? I know it’s a romantic notion but how long has she been waiting and how long will she be willing to?
    Lovely writing.

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