Banish misfortune (traditional music in fantasy)

One of my favourite books. The writing is superb and ought to make any number of best-selling authors blush. If you enjoy intelligent literary fantasy in the sense of folk tale and legend, I recommend this beautiful book. Warning: there are absolutely no dragons, warrior princesses with big boobs or kids who are on a quest to destroy ‘evil’ and save the world.

Folksong and Fantasy

Yesterday was the solstice, midwinter’s day here in the northern hemisphere. Dull it was too, a few cold spots of rain, and too overcast to see the Great Conjunction*, but this year is coming to its end and the dark days will slowly lengthen and lighten, beginning today. I don’t blog much, mostly because I’m not writing much (and so the question beats Am I still a writer?). In the time when I’m not working or writing, I’m either listening to music or reading. At this time of year, the old books and the old tunes are the best. Comfort food for the soul.

Banish misfortune is an Irish jig, probably the cheeriest of all of them (if ever a tune can be said to live up to its name, it’s this one). I don’t know when or where I heard it first, some pub session probably. I borrowed…

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