Haibun for new beginnings

For the dverse prompt.

So many new starts on this stop-go ride, each one a life-changer, a string full of knots, threads in a parabola of joined up dots, how does one pick a moment and say, that one was the pivot, the tipping point?
So many changes of course, different places, countries, jobs, births always moving, restless as autumn leaves, yet through each change, I have always had the same hand to hold, and at each turning in the path, there has always been you.

roots wander stretch deep
seeds spill catch the wind and fly
and sinking grow

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

57 thoughts on “Haibun for new beginnings”

  1. Oh yes….life’s journey has so many corners, stop signs, new paths, and crossroads to explore. I love the ending here…the constant in your life. I feel that way about my spouse of fifty years.
    Wonderful content in the haiku too.

  2. You are so fortunate to have that companion of so many years. I was widowed at 45, and still long for that strong shoulder to lean on. May 2021 offer all good things.

  3. You had me at “a string ,full of knots”. Consider yourself fortunate that there are so many knots/dots to choose from; smile.

  4. Jane, this is amazing! This line hit me hard:

    “how does one pick a moment and say, that one was the pivot, the tipping point?”

    It first reminded me of the line in T.S. Eliot’s poem, “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” with โ€œThat is not what I meant at all; That is not it, at all.โ€

    I think about the essence of what you describe a lot, maybe a bit too much. It’s a whole collection of moments, not just one that are the pivoting point in a person’s life; I don’t think it’s possible to pick only one, but even then, that would be a challenge in itself.

    “roots wander stretch deep
    seeds spill catch the wind and fly
    and sinking grow”

    There’s something that grabs me here in this haiku, and I’m thinking it’s the final line. The consonants and how they roll, it’s a certain rhythm alongside the imagery that is stunning. I wish I could write like you, then perhaps I’d make a bit more sense, eh? ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Such brilliant work, bravo!

    1. I’m pleased you like this, Lucy. It must be sad for those who feel that they only ever had one chance and since that decision nothing has changed again. There are so many ways we change direction, it’s hard to pick one and say it was the most important.
      It’s very odd but when I wrote that last line of the haiku there was something in the sound of it that made me think, this is a line that Lucy might have written. Not sure why, maybe because it sounds enigmatic, unfinished in the sense of there being more to come.

  5. A wonderful read. I especially liked the ending. The cycle of life goes on, up and down sometimes taking a path we never dreamed of. How wonderful to have a hand to hold through it all.

    1. I’ve made choices most would have judged idiotic and none of them have made life any easier or more comfortable for me, but I’ve always had that hand to hold, and that is worth far more than material wealth.

  6. ‘always moving, restless as autumn leaves’ – I can very much identify. Having that same hand to hold can make all the difference! I hope you’re enjoying life in France. I could imagine living there one day!

  7. I love the internal rhyme, Jane, and the imagery of โ€˜a string full of knots, threads in a parabola of joined up dotsโ€™ โ€“ and itโ€™s our personal memories that hold all the moments together in a particular way. Ask anyone else who was there at the time and their knots and parabola will look different. Itโ€™s a blessing to have the comforting familiarity of the same hand to hold.

    1. Thanks Kim. Life is in constant motion, and I’m grateful that it has presented so many opportunities for taking a different turning. And it helps to have a constant through it all too.

  8. Wonderful descriptions of the journey of life and relationship. I especially love “threads in a parabola of joined up dots”. Having that one special hand to hold through it all is priceless.

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