Five years


Wind back five years
(that’s all we’ve got)
this day, two friends left
walked together, perhaps, who knows
through the coloured light
leaving this world a little darker
a little quieter a little emptier.

The sky will be fierce clear tonight
and amid star-dazzle
and serious moonlight
we’ll tell ourselves we see
our big beautiful Branwell
stretching across the universe
to the Starman on the other side.




Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

38 thoughts on “Five years”

    1. He was a lovely sweet cat. Just wandered in one day. He had a lovely sweet nature and got on even with the wild cat population but he had obviously been somebody’s pride and joy. Picked up cat aids though during his time on the streets and died when he was only four or five.

      1. Oh that’s so sad. But I’m happy you were able to provide him a loving home for the rest of his time. We are about to have a feline addition to our family for the first time in years 🐈

  1. So sweetly sad and beautiful. I am struck by your having seen a double rainbow that day. I once was sitting as a hospice worker with a woman in a coma. I wanted to give her something, not just sit there, so I read her passages from Mary Oliver’s The Leaf and the Cloud (a most amazing poem!) I felt the energy in the roon change. The gift was received. When I walked outside after, there was a glorious double rainbow in the sky, and everything was tinged golden as it got close to sunset………it was all connected and most amazing.

    1. That does sound like some kind of message. It’s what we make of it, I suppose. The maker of rainbows didn’t know about David Bowie. Possibly didn’t even know about Branwell or you patient, but if it makes us happy, the sky if happy too 🙂

    1. He was a young neutred tom cat so he’d been somebody’s pet. He hadn’t been outside long enough to have gone downhill but he’d obviously contracted cat aids and it was slowly killing him.

      1. I like both. They’re like people. Some you appreciate because they’ll always be there and help out whatever, and others you like because they’re unpredictable, go under the radar for weeks then pop up again with an invitation or a box of chocolates.

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