Time passing

For the dverse prompt, two poems written one in the morning the second this evening, connected by the passing of time that changed mood, lifting it out of the doldrums by sprinkling it with sunshine and birds.


once I said
that no breach could not be mended
no cares were so heavy
that the wings of a blackbird’s song
could not lift them beyond the grey

then I didn’t know
that some days
are like the nights of no moon
no stars
and no tomorrow

persimmon plaquemine

Later the sun and birds

all along the roadside buzzards
perched on traffic signs and on the radio
Puccini played and Placido Domingo sang

fields full of egrets spilled
onto the verge pecking where car tyres span
and Domingo sang

there was sun after the heavy news
and egrets and hawks a heron by the pond

a persimmon tree full of willow warblers
that chipped and chipped until the block
of sadness black as ice cracked

and in the sun beneath the blue
with buzzard brown and egret white
we smiled.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

45 thoughts on “Time passing”

  1. You have my heart with these poems, Jane 😀 I especially admire; “a persimmon tree full of willow warblers that chipped and chipped until the block of sadness black as ice cracked.”💝💝

  2. Oh how I love the birds and trees in your poem……reading it was like drinking a glass of cool water…….

  3. The two poem complement each other, finish each other in a way. Your work reminds me of Mary Oliver. You are so aware of what is around you – so a part of it. I love that you make me see it too.

  4. I enjoyed the metamorphosis of the ‘wings of a blackbird’s song’ into the sun and birds, with Puccini on the radio (my personal choice!) and the bright orange joy of ‘a persimmon tree full of willow warblers’. I’m smiling too.

  5. “the nights of no moon, no starts and no tomorrow” create such emotion. I love the duality with the next poem displaying warmth and sun. Time does pass in such a fashion! 💖

    1. Thanks Tricia. I know the change in the light and perspective can make a big difference when the worries are superficial. I don’t pretend it has magical powers when there’s something really wrong 🙂

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