Wind has blown the sun away
and strung plastic pigeon-scarers
from the boughs of unleafed trees.

First white blossom dims
in this wild light of no sky no cloud
an opalescent pall
dull as a sand-silted pearl.

Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

36 thoughts on “Autan”

  1. I agree with Paideia – beautiful line I loved that one. Well to help you feel less glum we had a TERRIBLE weather event, with ice storms and loads of snow and we had power out for a week plus no water and then when it came back no food in town. I must admit i am starved of cold weather in this heat island but that was a BIT much ๐Ÿ˜‰ Sending you warm rays my friend hoping they come soon

    1. Thank you ๐Ÿ™‚ I don’t remember having this roaring wind for days on end on previous years, but it’s just the usual vent d’autan. It does that.

      I forgot you’re in Texas! We heard about it vaguely, sounds awful! But at least you’ll be surrounded by people who don’t believe it’s any different to normal weather. So that’s all right.

      1. Absolutely. And of course they LOATHE cold weather here passionately so this has just increased the loathing. I love it but I do think anything can get too much. It also depends where you live. I know your house is historic and cold and that makes a big difference. I am sorry because roaring wind is not really on anyone’s list of favorite weather events and it can hurt the ears too. I am thinking of you. Hope you are covering your ears. Hope it ends soon. Fortunately the pipes didn’t break here which was very common for many, we’re just coming back from it – xo

      2. If your house is warm, being out in the cold for a short while is fine. Tonic, as they say. But I can’t help thinking of the wildlife that can’t go back to a warm house. People too who can’t afford to have the heating on. Nope, cold isn’t good unless it’s the wishy-washy sort of half-cold we get.
        It did get cold one night a couple of weeks ago and the water main froze, but we got it unfrozen before it burst. Thank goodness!

      3. I’m so glad it did not burst. That happened a lot here because people were ill prepared to be in that type of climate having never experienced it before. I felt badly for those who had absolutely no resources and of course there were sinister disparaties there

      4. It ought to have burst. The plumber who mended the leak was supposed to come back and fix the part of pipe outside where it meets the mains pipe. He unearthed it and left it.
        I imagine in Texas they don’t get very cold conditions very often, and if your heating is all electric, you’re in trouble.

      5. They get very cold in North TX very cold, but not where I am near the Border of Mexico. That’s why it was a little crazy/unexpected. That said TX is the size of Spain, France and UK plus some, and within it, we have so many power sources there doesn’t seem a good excuse. On the plus side, you go back to basics which I have always found merit in doing.

      6. I just can’t imagine how people live over there, so rich in resources, yet so many cries of poverty. You’re right, there doesn’t seem like any excuse. All that flag waving national pride stuff means nothing if they’re not prepared to share their wealth with one another.

      7. When I went through immigration were were incredibly asked to ‘agree’ to capitalism. Nobody could believe it but we were. It’s part of the process all immigrants go through. And therein lies the answer. Capitalism when it’s as extreme as in America is so much more than we can imagine. It creates a disparity in wealth like no other. For example we don’t have death duty so those with money keep their money whilst those without keep their poverty. The American Dream is available for a select few but in terms of numbers, most stay in the same class they were born, in some ways it’s become MORE classist than even England is/was. The American ‘dream’ is not available as it once was because the economy isn’t there and the population is too big for too few jobs (I found the same in Canada but more extreme) there is no socialized infastructure except for the very poor. So it’s technically rich in resources but if half of them are sold off or outsourced or run into the ground or kept by the corrupt? It’s insane. the flag waving national stuff is a bit embarrassing but I think it’s a great way of indoctrinating people not to complain. They would rather be proud of something that no longer exists than wonder what they could do to change it. Hence why we vote in idiots.

      8. Yes, I think you nailed it there. It has the same effect as religious fervour. Keeps people believing in something that is out of their control. Nobody has to take the blame for hardship or any of the unpleasantness in life.

      9. Right? Or worse, ignore it exists, denial being such a ‘thing’ and pretend we’re all just doing great when the opposite is true. Isn’t that what Marx thought we’d do and then we’d be mere blind rats thinking we’re rich because we have the illusion of choice?

      10. Denial, cancel, if you sit outside it, it all sounds so ridiculous. There’s a polemic going on at the moment about inclusive writing. You can imagine how the lunatics about inclusiveness are going to town on the French language, all the genred words with tongue-twisting endings just so that nobody will feel offended. It’s wearisome. Poor kids having to learn these stupid endings for words. I’m waiting for the defenders of equal rights for male chairs and tables, female cheeses and beds to start shouting about that.

      11. right? I imagined this and my cousin did mention it, the same of course is true here, I am constantly chided for assumptive phrasing it’s getting exhausted. But with the average published author being a 20 something with certain attributes, they are driving the shifting canon and I suppose one could say our grandparents probably thought the same of what mattered to us. Although we both know there is such a thing as going too damn far …

      12. Why make things more complicated when they’re already complicated enough? We make assumptions all the time, it’s part of or a side effect of the learning process. Nobody is immune from it (or prejudices) not even the 20 something woke-cancelled- inclusives.

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