18 thoughts on “Badger 19”

    1. Thanks, David! Try it, please! I’m not a big fan of counting syllables but I like the form of this one, building up an idea then winding it down again. Seems more logical than the random line lengths that most of these forms use.

      1. I first saw the Badger’s hexastitch form on Kerfe Roig’s blog. I followed her link back to the source, (can’t remember now what it was) a poetry site that claimed this form was created by one of the site’s curators, someone called Badger. I don’t suppose it’s a real badger…
        The form is just a set number of syllables per line:
        No theme or rhyme necessary.

    1. I don’t understand the moon. It was almost full a few nights ago when we went out for our walk, nicely risen in the east, then suddenly pff. Nothing. Not a sight until about 3am. I’m glad the sun doesn’t behave like that.

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