So loud
the sound
of bees in the mimosa tree

so sweet
the scent
of honey falling

a sky
of chasing clouds

and sun
that never
quite fires
the petals of this rose.


Published by

Jane Dougherty

I used to do lots of things I didn't much enjoy. Now I am officially a writer. It's what I always wanted to be.

19 thoughts on “Bee-loud”

      1. I love the name Mimosa hostilis! ~sounds like a joke but I assume the name is for real given those very long spikes. Terribly hostile! 🙂

      2. No, no joke. They remind me of paintings of the crown of thorns, or those spiked collars people put around lamposts to stop burglars shinning up them

  1. What a wonderful tree. A real gift to bees. But we must not forget, that the bees do not collect honey for us humans. 😉 Sometimes I have the feeling that it is only seen that way. Michael

      1. Sounds wonderful, can imagine, because here are only industrial ready meadows. Easy to use by big machines. Unbelievable for this area, but this modernity we have. ;-( xx

      2. They grow crops for animal feed now, don’t they? The idea of a meadow that just grows what it wants is a thing of the past. No doubt if land was more expensive here every last bit of it would be ploughed up or built on.

      3. Do you still have cheap land? Dont say it loud. Here all growing on the meadows and fields are exclusively for the bio reactors, and producing energy. (offered worldwide). It is very broadly thought, to convert food into energy in order to be able to offer it worldwide. This brings the locals, who can no longer use their meadows and fields themselves, into even greater dependency. Happy neofeudalism. ;-(

      4. The industrialised agriculture is in the north, the richest land and with the oldest population centres, industry etc. The south is small scale, market gardening and vineyards. The Massif Central is poor land, sheep, some cattle and depopulated. If an area isn’t dynamic economically it can’t support large populations so no one wants to live there. No jobs. Cheap land.

      5. I had not thought of that. If the land is so cheap in your region, you could buy something there. 😉 It might be better like here in “Bavarian Siberia”.;-) xx

      6. There would be no problem buying an old farmhouse on a piece of land. But it would be a very poverty-stricken dwelling like ours, and you wouldn’t be allowed to knock it down and build something more comfortable. Nor would you be allowed to build on land designated as farm land, the cheap land. Depends how tolerant you are of discomfort 🙂

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